Transition is Sweet


Opinion by George McClellan:

Today, at noon, Donald Trump, a very successful businessman and a non politician, ascended to the highest job in the land, President of the United States. As a campaigner he easily vanquished his opponents whose sole objective was to maintain the status quo of political corruption. I think an exception would have been Sen. Ted Cruz, but he lost his bid as well, and even has lost his way afterward, meandering about in the rubble that was the old dysfunctional, eastern elite Republican Party. Like the others he too cannot get over the Trump ascendency. It was a salubrious day indeed.

But, those most adversely affected, those with the most to lose, the Democrat Party, distraught in their candidates loss to Trump, were revealed as but a shallow entity without substance, void of ideas and diminished popular support. Lacking any depth of leadership, its ranks of potential leaders, wiped out by preceding elections, has fossilizes their party like dinosaur eggs.

Those Democrats that still exist in some minor capacity in government are totally derange over the circumstances of their loss. Their flailing efforts to derail the Trump train has left them prostate with grief, notable by their whining, ineffective legislating and all but ignored in their  commentary. But, some are still there, abiding in the Congress, promising to be a hinderance, demanding to be relevant and insisting that their already installed socialist programs should be maintained, for the people, not pulled out root and branch for the failures they really are.

In desperation, the Democrats, who only a few short months ago demanded that Trump must accept the results of the General Election now, do not themselves accept the result of the General Election. Oh, the irony! Instead, many refused to attend the orderly ceremonial transition of power, while they conspiratorially organize or encourage disruptions of this important transition ceremony, and bad mouth anything the new president Trump will say or do.

The Democrats made a practice of disobeying the laws unless it was to their profit. The long mantra of the Socialist Democrat party is “do as we say, not as we do. If you resist you will be crushed by regulations we have imposed to control you.” That has been the daily meme here in the Land of the Free, for eight long, miserable years, if not longer.

Today the Democrat party lies in shambles. Their is no mandate to resurrect it, no further need for its existence, indeed, now is the time to destroy it completely. If grassroots democrats want to try, they should consider forming up Tea Party Democrats and see if that gains traction.

Trump owes the democrats nothing! No respect and no loyalty. He owes them nothing! They do not need to be listened to. Their message is as irrelevant as it is unimportant and their words stand only as a reminder of their already totally exhausted political philosophies of long ago.

Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, when she paid her secret flying visit to Bill Clinton at a remote Arizona airfield and, in doing so violating America’s laws, in effect, set us free. They are owed nothing. They lost our respect and crushed any claims to our loyalty. They return the favor by not showing loyalty to America’s new leadership. They have distanced themselves from righteous people and will wander lost in the wilderness for years while true Americans, with a returned reliance on divine Providence, will pledge to those who have earned our loyalty, “our adherence to the rule of law, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s make America Great Again. (20 Jan 2017)


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