Things Need to Change!


Opinion by Jennifer Bassett:

I don’t usually get so fired up. But there is so much wrong in the world. There are so many unjust things going on. People need to open up their eyes that our nation is being overrun by people who hate our great nation and our freedom. They are trying to say they are giving more freedom to others…but in all aspects they are actually restricting our freedoms..this used to be a nation if you did an HONEST good try at advancing your lives by working hard you were rewarded by a better lifestyle. It’s just not true anymore….things need to change not continue the downhill spiral we have been on the last eight years.

Where was all the outrage at Hardee’s when they aired commercials which totally degraded women . You know the ones that had the barely dressed in Daisy Dukes and their boob’s hanging out. Eating way too seductive and licking their fingers looked totally nasty….and at Christmas when the men shook their “bells” to Jingle Bells in the Jockey ads…talk about degrading to women and men…don’t get me wrong….I am no prude….but our country has been forced into a morality numbness long ago by the media. Who are they to go on and on like they are perfect.

Well the latest email dump reveals that she divulged classified information in her paid speeches. They diss Catholics and Evangelicals.

And in a speech just this week Bill made fun of the rednecks supporting Trump. Then yesterday she drags Al Gore to Florida….lol…how humiliating for him. He didn’t support her in her first run against O.

If you’re an average Christian American she totally has nothing to offer you.

I’m not wealthy….I’m a bit redneck…I’m Christian…my mother was Catholic…I don’t believe in abortion…I love Bible verses…I don’t support ISIS….I don’t think people who come into America illegally should be awarded with citizenship, food stamps and Medicaid….I think the veterans and elderly suffer while too many able bodied people get rewarded for staying home reproducing (which we pay for that too)…and I have been called deplorable and irredeemable…. Why should I even consider voting for anyone who wants to go against almost everything that is me….let’s not forget a plan to set more freebies in place…such plans will do nothing but raise my taxes…we barely make enough to survive now…if you want free college make good grades and apply for the scholarships….you can get 90% of your college paid for without raising my taxes…it’s hard to barely be physically able to work, pay your taxes, and buy food for your family only to see in the grocery line ahead of you an illegal eating better than you on food stamps. While you’re putting your eight bags of groceries in your 1998 car they fill up their 2016 Escalades and $40,000 pickups. OK rant over…


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