The Socialist State of Happiness


The Socialist State of Happiness

I note, happily I might add, that the Democrat Party is losing traction with the American people. It’s because they are Marxist variety Socialists guided by the writings of American Communist, Sal Alinsky, about whom Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis. His ‘Rules for Radicals’ guide is what we are witnessing on our streets and in our colleges and universities this very day.

Alinskites (Democrats) do not accept the idea of American exceptionalism, or that the basis of that exceptionalism is the US Constitution. They view the Constitution as an impediment to their better plans to create a diverse, multicultural society in America, one dedicated to peace, harmony and happiness for everyone and where citizens no longer need be concerned with the trifling problems of thinking, reasoning or providing for themselves.

Then, realism sets in. Their ideas don’t work, have never worked and will never work. They ignore human nature. Social engineering of the Marxist variety, requires pain and suffering, and  the extermination of whole classes of people i.e.: the unborn, who stand as obstacles to socialist advancement. The screams we now hear from despondent Democrats, encouraging Trumps assassination, regretting Rep. Scalise didn’t die of his gun shot wounds, displaying images of a beheaded president, are just a few example of how close the Democrats are to resorting to violence as  an action plan to force their socialist schemes on an increasingly unwilling America.


So long as Democrats remain in control of any government at any level, federal, state or local, none of the American social or economic problems they have created will ever be solved. For every action unfavorable to the their agenda, that makes the news, their remedy is to regroup, circle the wagons, deny everything, admit nothing and blame somebody else. When the shouting dies down they offer the same solutions that caused the problem in the first place, while demanding more spending as well. Having obscured the causes and knowing how fast people’s memory fade, they wait then when forgotten, they carry on as usual.

Remember Katie Steinle? Not much any more. Her brutal murder immediately focused American’s attention on the crimes of sanctuary cities like San Francisco, and the failure to control illegal border crashers. The Democrat response was deny everything, admit nothing and blame those heartless Republicans. One woman shot dead on a San Francisco pier by an illegal alien, among the hundreds of other innocent victims killed across America by illegal aliens, simply doesn’t rise to the level of concern for Democrats if that concern threatens their uncompromising stands on gun control, immigration and abortion.

San Fran Nan, defends the indefensible every time she opens her yap! But, I’m happy for her. All that gushes out is a rote message obfuscating Democrat crimes while blaming Republicans and how GOP plans will harm the economy and kill innocent little children. Democrats, by all means keep Nancy Pelosi as the other face of your party. It’s good for Conservatism.

As another example of two faced happiness, Obamacare was created in absolute secret with no Republican input asked for. Nancy told us,”we had to vote for it, to know what is in it,” then she expected a bipartisan vote to pass it. She didn’t get it. No GOP fingerprints are attached to Obamacare. As expected, It is a disaster. Now in control, the GOP is, correctly, writing their bill in secret asking for no democrat input. They lost after all, yet Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, still pontificate on how awful the GOP healthcare bill will be for the poor and indigent. The Democrats are dying and they deserve to but, so are the Republicans!  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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