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Opinion written by John Tutten:

The left wing bias of the mainstream media has been responsible for much of the decline we see in our civil society today. They have been the mouthpiece and the cheerleaders for leftists pursuing the “transformation” of America for decades now and have been highly successful in tearing the country from its Constitutional moorings.

However, it is not just ideology that we need to be concerned about. I believe the problem of the media was compounded when news operations became major profit centers for the networks. This is especially true with the TV/cable news. News operations today especially Fox News have become ratings driven revenue generators just like their entertainment media brethren. This has a dramatic effect on what news stories are covered and how they are covered.

When I was growing up, pursuing and reporting the news was considered a higher calling. There was a responsibility and an obligation to be the watchdog of government for the good of the people. News operations weren’t pressured for ratings, so stories that were covered were meaningful and of greater substance.

Today, instead of inspiring meaningful discourse, today’s news outlets present the sensational designed to maximize the bottom line, not to provide real value to citizens. It doesn’t just have to bleed to lead. Whatever will get viewers to sit through another Geico commercial is fair game. An especially heinous murder, a high profile Christian pastor embezzling funds, or a celebrity up skirt photo are especially good attention getters and maintainers. I wish Prince had been as good in life as they made him out to be in death.

Nowhere is profit generated news coverage more clearly illustrated than that of the Trump presidential campaign. Trump clearly knows the media and what they are after. Years in reality TV has provided him with a wealth of experience in generating the kind of viewership that drives profits.

Trump’s campaign strategy has given the media just what they are looking for – big ratings. He boasts about his campaign being self-funded. However, he has actually spent very little of his own money for a national campaign because the networks have essentially surrendered their coverage to him in exchange for ratings profits. Why put together a complex fundraising organization when the media is just handing you their audience? Trump has received upwards of two billion dollars in media coverage just for being Trump and driving ratings.

Do you really think Rupert Murdoch likes Trump? He is an open borders guy and wants no part of Trump’s wall. Fox News is behind him now to keep the ratings thing going. And they are going to push him all the way to the convention and hopefully to the general election. Network execs wake up sweating in the middle of the night about the possibility of a Cruz nomination. Not just because he’s the real conservative, they believe he will be a total ratings buzz kill. Oh my God! We gotta cover individual sovereignty and property rights? The horror!

So there’s this weird symbiosis between Trump and the media. They can’t stand him, but he’s their pusher who’s supplying them their ratings fix. He definitely needs them until the convention since he really doesn’t want to pony up and pay his own real money for his campaign. If he receives the nomination, then the RNC starts doling out the campaign money and his need for free media coverage subsides. Maybe then we will see this transformation from Morton Downey, Jr. to Thomas Jefferson we have been hearing so much about.

This may very well have been Trump’s strategy all along. Boast about financing his own campaign while using his great ability to manipulate the media to get wall-to-wall coverage until he gets the nomination. Therefore, Trump gets the media exposure he needs without having to pay for it. If true, I kind of have to respect that.

The only flaw in the plan is that after the convention, the left wing media will pull out the sharp knives because at that point, ideology will trump Trump. And in his effort to generate ratings in exchange for coverage, he has alienated much of the conservative Republican base. All those recent big victories in the Northeast, forget about it in the general. Hillary will mop the floor with Trump in those blue-blue states.

I have pretty much given up watching any of the cable new outlets. I have just had enough of the pandering and manipulation that is on display on all of them. If you are a real conservative and want great analysis from a Constitutional viewpoint, there’s one great place to go – Mark Levin’s new Internet channel, Levin TV. It’s about all I watch anymore. Maybe you should too.


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