The Jewish Question


Opinion by George McClellan:

The deranged radical left media, looking for any issue they can use to smear, derail or destroy  President Trump, have almost got their slavish followers believing that Trump is staging a pogrom against America’s Jewish community. Total made up nonsense.

We see increasing reports of actual, not fake, but actual attacks against synagogs, Jewish graveyards and individual Jewish business’s that lie outside the protection of their community, and it’s the so called neo-nazi white hate groups who are, without any evidence whatsoever, blamed. It is not Jews who paint swastikas on synagog walls. That is the radical Left’s constant meme against the white race, guilt by association by being white and therefore, anti-semitic.

A female Black Lives Matter leader at a western college, just last week, offered up the proposition that all white students should be required to wear a distinctive badge on their outer clothing alerting other students that they were “white” and therefore privileged and to be shamed. This is history repeating itself. Nazi Germany required Jews to wear a yellow Star of David on their outer garments for ease of rounding up to be sent to death camps.

The media chooses to ignore the facts that most attacks against religious groups here in America, especially Islam, have proven to have been staged by their own followers to garner a sympathetic response and reinforce claims of racism and Islamophobia. Except the Jews.

The Jews haven’t been caught doing this sort to thing, but Muslims have. Islam, which is decidedly anti-Semitic by the teachings of their Koran can, in their minds, commit about any crime so long as it advances Islam. Remember, Islam means ‘submission.’ It is not in the Jewish tradition anymore than the Christian one, to demand anyone’s submission upon pain of death.

In America’s big eastern cities, the Orthodox Jews, like the Italian’s, the Poles, German’s and Irish of the past century, are slowly dissipating into the fabric of American culture. It’s not gone by any means, and shouldn’t, because of all the ethnic groups that have come to this country, it is still only the Orthodox Jews that keep and protect their ancient culture and traditions.

But, Islam is also attempting to keep and maintain its ancient traditions, with a few other ones thrown in like hanging or precipitating homosexuals off the roofs of buildings, beheading people who offend Allah, demanding total subservience by their women, honor killings of apostates and chopping off the hands of thieves. These guy’s don’t fool around.

Judaism survives because it has melded quietly into the American fabric based on its many centuries of experiencing anti-Semitism in other countries. Maintaining a low profile helps it to be be ignored. Not the case with Islam, whose advocates come screaming at us “Allah-u Akbar” demanding we accept their ideologies on danger of being labeled Islamophobics, being hacked to death on the spot or gang bludgeoned into submission. What a lovely religion of peace it is.

Thank God for Donald Trump. His daughter Ivanka, converted to Judaism when she married, and her three children will be raised in the Jewish faith. End of argument. Trump also ended Obama’s slavish devotion to Islam in the White House. Obamas rules of fifteen minutes of silence whenever the call to prayer is made, and special places for Muslims in the WH to pray undisturbed (there must have been a lot of ‘em), are history. America is not muslim but, until we recognize the invasion for what it is, that prospect lingers as a potential truism. Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22Feb 17)

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