The Intention of Intent


Opinion by John Tutten:

Intent (/inˈtent/) – the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose

Do you see anything ambiguous or confusing about this definition? A fifth grader could easily understand it and use this word properly in a sentence. It’s only in Washington that the obvious meaning of words becomes distorted and pliable. Only in the land where it “depends on what the definition of is is” does the clear and certain become opaque and situational.

There is no clearer confirmation of this than the testimony on Thursday by the director of the FBI in front of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. James Comey confirmed every allegation that had been made about Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State in her set up and use of a private email server.

Comey made clear that Clinton’s statements that she neither received nor sent top secret information from this unsecured server were lies. He confirmed that she orchestrated an effort to eliminate vast numbers of emails and shield them from scrutiny as required by government statutes. The director advised that Clinton actually accessed multiple unsecured servers with multiple wireless devices refuting the Secretary’s claim of only one device and one server. Yet, Comey decided not to recommend Secretary Clinton be indicted since she did not exhibit “intent” to violate the applicable laws.

Now think about that. Clinton clearly knew that setting up such a server violated State Department security regulations. That’s why she kept the scheme a secret. She clearly sent and received above Top Secret information on these unsecured servers possibly putting American lives at risk. With the massive deletion of emails from the server and the stonewalling in providing the emails that remained, Clinton acknowledged her law breaking and was attempting to evade detection. In the world that you and I live in, this exhibits intent to circumvent the law beyond any doubt. In Washington though for a member of the statist elite, there’s nothing to see here. Just move along.

Comey’s evoking the “intent” defense actually shows a calculated, premeditated effort to protect Clinton. If you look at the verbiage of the espionage statutes that Clinton clearly violated dozens of times, it says nothing about intent. It merely states that being grossly negligent in how one handles top-secret material in their possession constitutes a felony. It is quite purposely a low bar for violation. You don’t have to prove that someone had a plan to violate the statute. It’s simply that you did violate it. However, Comey injects a requirement of clear intent where it is nowhere to be found in the law to provide Clinton with an escape hatch.

Prior to this last week, all I heard about Comey was that he was an honest public servant; a man of great character who would make a decision based on the rule of law and not succumb to political pressure. I will never be fooled again when I hear the establishment setting us up like that. This reminds me a lot of how John Roberts was sold to us as a staunch Constitutional conservative who when we counted on him most, proceeded to rewrite Obamacare so the un-Constitutional abomination could move ahead unfettered to destroy our healthcare system. As Roger Daltrey sang, “We won’t get fooled again! No, no!”

Washington has become a cauldron of corruption from which very, very few can escape its withering influence of money and political power. With the return of the Clinton machine front and center on the Washington stage, the cauldron is rapidly heating up from a steady simmer under Obama.

What is it with almost half the electorate that simply cannot or will not see the Clintons for what they are – liars, deceivers, and money-grubbers who are power hungry, sociopathic, and vengeful? Everywhere they have squatted we have seen lawlessness and malfeasance, corruption and deceit, yet after three decades of their corrosive influence they may very well again gain control of the White House.

While Obama is like a sly weasel cautious in his deconstruction of America, Hillary will be like a rampaging rhino demolishing the already weakened ramparts of our Constitutional framework. Her actions will not be tempered by Obama’s natural passivity. She will bend the system to her unflinching will like an entitled monarch and accelerate the transformation of America into a neo-feudalistic state.

There was a slight ray of hope that came out of the Comey hearing though. The director inadvertently set Clinton up for a perjury charge as a result of false statements made during her Benghazi testimony before Congress. Hillary’s statements before that committee have now been clearly shown to be lies and in any other situation would guarantee a slam-dunk conviction. The FBI will surely get a referral from Congress over Clinton’s deceitful testimony. Comey should get a chance to redeem himself, but will he?

Patriots, these are truly becoming times that will try our souls. Our society is unraveling at an alarming pace and we have a statist government working against us. However, the biggest evil that we face as Constitution loving Americans is for us to do nothing. Let’s do all we can to defeat Hillary in the fall and then begin the work of taking our country back.


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