The Government-Educational Complex


Opinion by George McClellan:

Once Upon a time, president Eisenhower, in his farewell speech upon leaving office, warned us to “beware of the military-industrial complex.” We see that his warning was heard, ignored but not forgotten. Why? Because war cycles makes money for industry, gives power and control to politicians and keeps everyone else enslaved to the debt of government. That’s the successful formula used since the 1950’s to govern and control America.

Way back then… we still had an America based upon the rule of law, supported by our constitution. We had defeated the Nazi’s, the Japanese, and the Italians in a world wide conflict and, we rested. But, our former ally, the Soviet Union, rapidly expanded it’s influence and lo, we had the Korean Police Action, a stalemate even today. Then we decided to help pull the French chestnuts out of the fire of Indochina (Vietnam), and the political meddling of that conflict finally exhausted the time, treasure and patience of most American’s.

Lurking in the slimy substrata of American politics was the American Communist Party (ACP), who were well organized, well funded and well prepared to take advantage of our disgust at the length, cost and death rate of the unending Vietnam conflict. LBJ couldn’t take the heat, finished out his term and quit. Nixon and Kissinger politically, took steps to end the conflict but today are blamed by the left as responsible for everything. Today, the ACP is the Democrat Party.

From our colleges and universities of the1960’s, swarms of uncouth, beatnik youths, screaming Marxist political philosophies, demanding free speech (for them) and challenging law and order, swarmed into the streets in protests that forced weak politicians and college administrations to capitulate to their demands. The civil rights movement was also in high gear. Conflict and disruption was the norm. Returning soldiers were treated as murderers, and worse.

Eisenhower might as well have said: “Beware of the government-educational complex” because it is that that is the basis of our current political problems. Even from before Ike’s time, the progressives have steadily moved to subvert not only our government, but our system of education as well by infiltrating Marxist teachers and professors into the educational and administrative ranks of those institutions. And there they sit today, like hens on a nest hatching out their chicks of progressivism. Obama is one. Bernie Sanders is one. Hillary and Bill are simply opportunists who took advantage of the chaos. They’re all still here, among us.

Today, in our universities, American history, Humanities, Ethics, Religion and Civics are deemed subjects of white privilege and no longer worthy of presentation. They have been replaced by concepts of diversity, multiculturalism, black studies and LGBT studies, wrapped in the cloak of victimhood while white privilege is blamed as the cause of America’s malise, and all protected by a spastic diminution of campus free speech by anyone except them.

The next really conservative President, must immediately move, among other necessities, to strike the Dept. of Education out of the budget. It’s all a waste of money we don’t have anyway. His Secretary of Education should be instructed that his/her mission is, by bureaucratic means, to reduce the DoEd down to uselessness and be done with it. Voters must be educated in the processes of how government functions and taught that no politician, even their own, is entitled to keep his or her job. Political careerists should become pariahs’s and driven from the field by Primary challenges or lawsuits in courts if criminality is detected. Let’s just do it!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (24 Mar 2016)

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