The GOP Hustle


Opinion by George McClellan:

Mr. Kevin McCarthy, majority whip under Speaker, Paul Ryan, on behalf of the NRC, sent out a desperate email beseeching conservatives to “chip in” a contribution (enter your amount) to save the nation. The threat to our nation implies the fear that Nancy Pelosi would return as speaker again and it will be our fault if we don’t send them some money. So, what’s new?

I stopped sending the GOP money when I realized they used my contribution to defeat real conservative candidates who stood against establishment RINO incumbents. Well, their pleas fall upon deaf ears when they ask me. I’m done with ‘em and, for that very reason! Also, the way government squanders, wastes and over spends our tax money, I’d stop sending them anything either if I wasn’t afraid of being hassled all they way off to jail.

Want to send the GOP another strong message? Don’t send them any more money; send it only to your candidate of choice instead. But, it doesn’t really matter! The crony capitalism crowd have it and will pay off the bill to guarantee that corrupt politicians, including Hillary and Pelosi, will continue to keep them in business.

For example, the establishment simply hates Ted Cruz because he’s not a team player, he’s not one of “them.” They consider it their absolute duty to burn him at the stake and make of him a male version of Joan d’Arc, an unrepentant miserable soul who doesn’t understand his place in the establishment and needs to be made an example of so that even his ashes wouldn’t be recognized. I suspect they’re fast running out of choices.

Then the really big shock, Donald Trump, energizing voters by clumsily speaking the truth about the political corruption we have long been paying for and focusing us on the real dangers to America, Illegal aliens, Muslim jihadism, ATF armed drug cartels, wealth crushing tax loads and other myriad unworkable government programs that now burden us.

Expecting this loud, boisterous self-funded multi-billionaire to implode at any moment, because of the wild things he said, hasn’t happen. He grows. Their own pick, Jeb Bush, couldn’t handle the assault and lo, he’s gone, but not forgotten. The Establishment simply doesn’t know how to handle their double gigantic problem, Trump and Crus, except to approach it, not with honest competition, but through skullduggery, lies, innuendos, accusations and orchestrating minor criminal charges against a Trump staff member. Didn’t Uma Abaden slug a protester on behalf of the odious Hillary Clinton? Where’s the charge against her for battery?

What is happening of course is that the un-budgeted monies spent by the RNC and PAC’s, to try to thwart the double dangers of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, is almost gone which is why the only one state winning company man, John Kasich, is still in the game. Losers like Kasich usually drop out when backers realize they no longer have a chance of having their puppet in office. That being a truth of organized political campaigning, how can Kasich afford to stay in it if he has no backers except it be a compilation of super PAC’s and RNC funds, those funds that McCarthy now wants us to replenish. Don’t do it! It’s time to save America. They’re hustling us!

Apparently, the only news important for the media to feed us is an alleged misdemeanor battery charge against Trump’s CoS. Our problem is we are being overrun by terrorism, squashed by political correctness and fearful of having our means of self-defense stripped away by a growing fascist government. The GOP is doing nothing. They are not entitled to keep their offices. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (31 March 2016)

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