The Glory of the Obama Legacy


Opinion by George McClellan:

This years annual Washington’s Correspondence Dinner, Obama’s last try as a stand up comedian, disintegrated into a tawdry example of second class citizens laughing at uncouth third class jokes by an almost unknown negro comedian who, because he was a negro and on the cast of Saturday Night Live, assumed he could freely use trash talk, including the “N” word to describe America’s first half black president, without repercussion. We wait!

It is now a day or two later and apparently, he was correct. We see or hear of no repercussions from the liberal, far left media so can we suppose that the pendulum is swinging back, and it’s once again okay to use the “N” word. Fat chance!

This dinner was a celebration of Obama’s blackness, a tepid recognition, supposedly, of his accomplishments. Whatever he has done, will forever be cast in the light of the liberal mantra of ‘doing good and meaning well.’ One article I read said it was the start of Obama’s canonization, where he will soon become sweet Jesus, then Saint Obama. Too bad he’s not Catholic! Sad actually, because Islam has no Saints and he is no prophet! He has no where to go.

Let’s briefly examine his accomplishments: Obama touts, as his major achievements, the unenforceable and collapsing Iranian nuclear agreement. He brags about his Paris climate accord and his Asian nations trade deal (TPP). Nowhere does Obama, or his mouth pieces, make a clear case why these issues matter or how they advance our national well being.

Yet, he claim no responsibility, not even marginally, for the Libyan debacle, the Benghazi murders, Fast and Furious, the less than 3% annual GDP for eight years, the loss of America’s work force, the importation of Islamic Jihadists, or the disaster that is Obamacare. Admittedly, Osama bin Ladin’s death did occurred on his watch and somehow he has managed to get the GOP to fund all his schemes, soaring America’s debt and deficits to near bankruptcy levels.

Obama’s self image is that he is a wise, strong leader who stands courageously committed to his Progressive principles in enforcing unconstitutional domestic policies; his determination to stamp out the 2nd amendment, his regret that Americans refuse to embrace his global warming climate policies that is allegedly threatening the environment, and the desperate need that government must increase taxes on the producers and the wealthy, to fund his wild schemes.

One must certainly ask just who is this wonderful man and why isn’t he doing things for the country instead of against it? Well, it’s because Obama is clueless when it comes to governing. He practices a “let’s wait and see” policy before rendering any decision, but only after collision with his Progressive brain trust.

No president has ever demonstrated such sheer incompetence in foreign affairs. His foreign policy has been a failure involving America in campaigns it can no longer afford to fix. His indecision, both militarily and diplomatically, failed to remove Bashar Assad from Syria, (remember his “red line”) thus encouraging the genocide that followed, the involvement of Russia and Iran in that country and the total loss of US influence, with friends and allies alike.

The Egyptians managed to repair his meddling in their affairs with the violent ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama’s learned reaction: “We have determined that we don’t need to make a determination.” Maybe, but history will! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (3 May 2016)

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