The Future?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

We have not as yet witnessed a rise of defenestration within the ranks of the distraught, silly Progressives still fuming over Hillary Clinton’s loss to that abominable Donald Trump. We will watch and report. The evidence will mount when the streets and sidewalks of college and universities fill with the lifeless, limp bodies of the lost generation who can’t take it any more, unable to comprehend America’s sharp right turn into Constitutionalism. So be it! That’s in the near future but, whatever happens, it will still be Trumps fault. Except success of course.

Unfortunately, Obama kept our economic disaster ball rolling, in fact he gave it an extra kick so that no matter what he does, can do, will want to do, Trump will be unable to stop the country’s rapid descent into financial chaos. The chickens will come home to roost. They are not Trumps.

Among the current problems facing the GOP, apart from the coming world financial collapse, is the immediate removal of the Progressives biggest tax, Obamacare. The economic future of America demands it. The Democrats are desperate that their Progressive plan for Americas future, that hinged on a single payer health care plan like Britain’s NHS, is in serious danger of going away. Once it does, they will never, in our lifetime, have another shot at the prize.

But, as an act of political warfare the GOP, predictably, formed up their usual circular firing squad and introduced a completely unsatisfactory replacement plan, one encased in the mist of verbal nonsense about America’s health care future. Correctly, they were challenged by the Conservative Freedom Caucus, who insisted Obamacare “repeal” had to be the first act.

This idiocy could have been easily avoided, especially the unfortunate consequences of the media’s scrutiny that always accompanies the GOP’s screw-ups, leaving the field free for the Democrats to enter. The Democrats are almost dead and yet they are allowed to set the narrative. Obviously the House leadership, incapable of shearing away from the money supplied elitism to which they have long been addicted, simply had to reintroduce the GOP’s 2015 bill that Obama vetoed. Trump would have signed it. That’s what he wants, a bill to sign.

Wounded and bleeding as they are, Democrats are still the aggressor and in politics, the aggressors almost always win. Why? Because the GOP sits and waits for the next blow instead of going on the attack themselves. They don’t know how to attack. If Mitch McConnell invokes the “nuclear option,” on the Gorsuch nomination, that is going on the attack! The Democrats are near apoplectic in fear that that’s actually what’s actually going to happen to them. They’ve about shot their last bolt. Chuckie Schumer has no more bolts. His talk is now only bravado.

Politics survive in the murky swamp of fear and hope. Obama was a master at invoking those concepts, invoking fear by scaring those dependent on government while dividing the races. It is no surprise that these disparate elements are having a hard time coming to grips with the divisions of the political winners, the Republican party. It’s a matter of perception, isn’t it?. Trump is not a Republican. He is not a Democrat either, but a businessman who knows the glories of an economically vibrant America. That’s where I want to go but we will never get there if we still cling to the hope that our future lies on dependence on government.

There is no comity now, between Americas political parties. There cannot be if one party remains unAmerican, trying to impose a Marxist society on freedom loving Americans who hate being robbed by government and worse, being told what to do by bureaucrats.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (05Apr17)

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