The Coming Socialism, Another Perspective


The Coming Socialism, Another Perspective

Two events are occurring simultaneously that could effect the political future of  America, probably placing the government forever, back into the hands of Progressives. They are the Left’s press for a mandated minimum wage and the single-payer healthcare scheme so beloved by Democrats, because the Republicans are weak, ineffective and are failing us.

Employer based healthcare plans are now so far out of fashion that the idea of them should be abandoned completely. The era of life time employment in a single company, once with a good company family health plan, is over. Manufacturing jobs that have not already fled abroad, are being replaced by robots and robots don’t need health care or a living wage. A spot of oil here and there will do. Even low skilled jobs like flipping burgers are going automatic eliminating all those summer jobs that once provided entry level work experience tor Americas youths.

Then came the immigrants, flooding in with their extended families taking any job at any wage, supplanting the seasonal American youth job program at McDonalds. As the low skilled immigrant numbers grew, including border crashers soaking up those low paying jobs, the expense of maintaining their families also grew. Then organized welfare groups started the demand for a “living wage” for unskilled workers and here we are. No jobs for anybody, a collapsing of the already profit challenged food and restaurant industry, and unskilled workers out on the street, their families destitute and their prospects nil.

The cry for a living wage was a godsend to the hamburger industry allowing them to quickly accelerate what was already coming, automation. The Progressive Democrat mandated minimum wage laws at local levels has hastened this social dilemma leaving low skilled family providers crying out for “living wages.” Living wages for whom? American youth, who once sought these low paying jobs just for the work experience, didn’t need living wages. Most lived at home, still going to school and living the suburban American life to which everybody aspires.

So now, Progressive governments, having created a crisis, see the urgent need for providing total assistance by increasing tax-payer provided welfare assistance, including food stamps, free housing and single-payer health care. Communism through and through. The Socialist Utopia is almost here. Thanks GOP!

Does anyone not believe the Democrat party doesn’t know what’s happening? They certainly do! It follows the American communist Saul Alinsky’s plan of encumbering government with the unbearable burden of financially supporting a vast pool of the needy who will vote against anybody who attempts to deprive them of their benefits. They will vote Democrat of course. But, by that time, as we are now witnessing, the feckless Republican party will have collapsed under the weight of their own failures, and being called cold, heartlessness and uncaring to the poor, the elderly and little children by the democrats. What happens when there is no resolution to these social ills? They take to the streets!

The ease with which we have witnessed flash protest mobs organize and begin the business of destroying their cities will follow upon the inability of local government to maintain peace and order. These will be organized and pre-staged anarchists, ready prepared to rally the poor and jobless. So far, early response has been left to local law enforcement supported by State resources. At some point even that won’t work and all hell will break loose. Saul Alinsky wrote about it. It’s the final stage of his plan to fundamentally change America. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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