The Barbarians Are Coming


The Barbarians Are Coming

The panic from Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, was a call for help reporting that Islamic Immigrants have armed and by default, seized great parts of many of Sweden’s cites and towns creating absolute “no go” areas, total enclaves of Shariah Law, where crime and instability is pushing Swedish law enforcement to the point of collapse. The next step, he said, was to call in the military. Swedish progressives, in line with Germany’s Angela Merkel, have willfully imported Islam into their midst where it has metastasized and is growing like a cancer and now, Sweden may stand at the brink of civil war.

The onslaught of muslim immigrants welcomed into Europe by the European Union, do not want to assimilate as Europeans. The very fact they are Muslims, followers of Allah and his prophet Mohammad, shows they are only interested in importing their life style, their culture and Islam.

They see Western culture as decadent, its citizens as infidel apostates to the faith, who will either convert of die. That is the flash point Sweden is now facing. Will the Swedish people continue to listen to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels tell them that Islam is a religion of peace, and to get over it? Will Americans fall into the same rhetoric trap? Upheaval is now everywhere.

In our own hemisphere Venezuela has been reduced to poverty, starvation and street warfare. Cuba, the other socialist utopia in our hemisphere, having already arrived at poverty and starvation long ago, just waits to die. And, here in America, the Progressive Democrat party is urging their minions to “resist,” and go out and “hunt Republicans” as one has already done.

Have we Americans lost the stomach to defend ourselves against the on rushing tide of barbaric Islam? Is there some valid reason we must accept their values over ours, simply because they will be offended if we don’t? It’s happening everywhere, we see a disintegrating Europe on television and yet we hesitate to stand up and say enough of this Islamic BS. It’s time to round them up and send them all back because they’re not wanted here.

Is our Christianity even worth the effort to preserve it? Absolutely! Can our Christianity protect us? Probably not! Do we even believe we need a moral code to guide us anymore? Progressives have all but convinced us to toss it away. Porn, LBGT’s, and gay marriages is evidence enough it’s probably already long gone. But, many still struggle on keeping the faith.

Decades of Progressives diversity nonsense and political correctness has dampened our will, polluted our cognitive thinking and criminalized the common sense needed to protect ourselves. Even Bishops of the Catholic Church, smarting no doubt from the still lingering effects of decades of unrestrained pedophilia, now can’t seem to move fast enough to welcome Islam into our midsts, accommodate their every want and encourage their parishioners to do so as well. What the hell is going on here? They once lead the charge against Islam. Have they abandoned the message of Christ?

If Islam doesn’t overwhelm us militarily, they’ll do it stealthily by out producing us in children, while we merrily go about murdering our own future in the womb and glorify the nature of LGBT’s who don’t/won’t reproduce anyway. That lack of reproduction, and therefore workers to contribute to the social security rolls, has been the excuse politicians needed to overwhelm us with the foreign workers, even odious ones. The welfare rolls must be maintained. Robots don’t pay welfare. Keep your eyes on Sweden. The answer lies there. That could be our fate. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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