Short Takes – Total Political War


Make no mistake, Mueller’s extended inquiries into President Trump’s personal affairs, through seizing his attorney’s papers all to find some piddling crime that could be hung around Trumps neck that hasn’t surfaced in over a year of investigation, is becoming a trifle bit annoying. The “collusion” business has already been settled. Trump didn’t collude, Hillary Clinton did.


There are several terms used to describe Trumps enemies: the Deep State, the Establishment and Never Trumpers, Democrats and Republicans, but no matter which party they claim allegiance to their true allegiance is to a One World Order that supplies them with money.


Trump has upset their plans and not sitting on his early laurels, he continues to attack the machine and drain the swamp and they don’t know how to stop him. Nothing has worked so far.  It is not incorrect to believe that the Republican Party is demonstrably identified as staunch defenders of the status quo. We know because they cannot be trusted to support the President.


The Omnibus Bill was an attack against Trump. The GOP bill, good until October, Is not a “Federal Budget” bill but another ‘kick the can down the road’ arrangement of the type that Obama employed as his method for picking and choosing winners and losers. Trump can do that too! I don’t think they yet know who they are dealing with.


The GOP spending bill, was like a bipartisan finger poked in the Presidents eye. It was a travesty and he knows it. But Trump was not to be trapped. He saw the first needs were to re-build the military and build a wall. As the spending bill was only a continuing resolution, he can pick and choose where he wants to spend those funds. Look for the wall to be built.


Trumps successes in draining the swamp can be seen in the voluntary departures of Republican congressmen, including Paul Ryan, who always voted the party line. Trump’s actions to remove Obama’s destructive executive orders of the regulatory state, is having it’s effect. Good riddance! The base’s problem is replacing status quo Republicans in the Primaries, with real conservatives wanting to step up to the plate not afraid to support President Trump.


Trump is a pragmatists not a politician, whose goal is to make America great again. Trump sees our problems as politicians have created in their singular drive to harvest votes to stay in office. Apart from Trump’s driving some of them off, the final remedy of course, lies in term limits. The establishment is alarmed and will never stand for term limits so they’re trying to eliminate Trump. Other means must be sought to further limit the damages entrenched politicians can do.


This is “Total War” and Trump has challenged their tactics. He knows he cannot count on support from the Republicans so he will find new and more imaginative ways to surprise us. The problem today is the effort required to make the needed changes. One problem: “Nobody drinks wine from the skulls of their enemies any more.” We’re afraid to attack. The Left isn’t!


There is a conundrum for the Republicans, well, for the Democrats too. They now need to start campaigning for re-election, first against party primary challengers then against opposite party challengers. Funds needs to be raised, advertising bought and speeches made. Social media needs to be employed but, there stands Trump ready to put the squeeze on ‘em. The parameters of “total political war” were defined long ago. It’s the Marxist/Democrat Party in league with the feckless Republicans, i.e.:, the establishment, that stand against the people.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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