Short Takes – The High Cost of Education


The March, 2018 copy of Imprimis, Hillsdale college’s excellent information newsletter, basically
recitations of speeches given at the college by prominent scholars, educators and politicians,
dwelt on the strategic challenge posed by China. China today is or should be, a subject of
extreme importance for Americans because it is no long the China of Pearl S. Buck or the Sand
Pebbles, the opium trade or warlords.
David Goldman, a columnist for Asia Times in his remarks at Hillsdale, on 2/21/18, said China
was motivated by “insecurity and fear,” the fear of domination by Western Powers because a
shattered China lacked central leadership like it did under its centuries of Emperor’s and todays
Communist Party. China is fragile and they know it. Their strength comes in unity, even forced.
To compete against the rest of the world and not just simply reman a battle ground over which
Western powers spent a hundred years humiliating them, the Chinese know they must proceed
under the weight of their own historical circumstances. Accordingly, China will never be a
Democracy. They don’t know how! Its entire history is based on subjugation by its emperors,
contenders for power, and tribal warlords all administered by the “coercion of the unwilling.”
Goldman noted China’s internal problems, specifically its political instability, is held together only
by its historical “imperial culture.” That aside, China, unified by self preservation and a strong
desire not to return to the decades of terror, the Chinese Communist Party, after Mao, opened
Pandoras Box, so to speak, and allowed the forces of commercialism to escape, something the
Chinese have been best at for ever. Today, the streets of China are commercial successes;
young people striving to fit in and the best method open to them is education, especially in the
sciences and mathematics.
Goldman points out that entry into Chinese universities is by merit alone. Not even President
and Party Chairman Ji’s children can presume to enter into any university without competing
with every other Chinese student in their age group. There are no favorites. If they can’t cut,
they don’t get in.
Consequently, China has become a technological centerpiece for scientific advancement
because they encourage their children to enter the fields of mathematics, engineering and the
sciences. They turn out smart engineers by the thousands and not one of them by accident.
Here, in America, Progressivism has turned our schools into nursery’s for weak children
(snowflakes) kept weak by the inclusive policies of combined fear of Western advancement.
They prefer the fields of social science, women’s studies, Black studies, pervert sex studies, but
never the Humanities, Civics, or American history. Their design of course, is political, to
neutralize Americas past history of advancement so it can no longer economically dominate the
world. Add to that affirmative action mandates and Americas output of scholars capable of
challenging the Chinese, almost ceases to exist.
A solution: Higher education loans and grants from the Federal Government, should be
discontinued for any discipline outside science and mathematics. That will solve the loan/debt
crisis for the thousands of students taking Liberal Arts courses for which few jobs exist outside
of the fast food industry. Then, make those unallocated funds available for students who enter
Science and Math courses, and make ‘em “free.” It was done several years ago for our
depleted nurses training programs, It can be done again.

It won’t take long for America’s pool of real talented, naturally gifted, science inclined students,
of any race, to fill up the classrooms of universities math and science courses everywhere.
Gifted students will no longer fear being denied a seat to a discipline they are capable of
fulfilling because an Affirmative Action student gets it by an unconstitutional but still mandated
entitlement. Today, no one should be entitled to a seat at the table without earning it. We have
abandoned the gift of enjoying the fruits of our own efforts. Socialism kills initiative.
Today’s American progressive education systems is a disaster, educationally, socially and
productively. Money is wasted on unnecessary degree programs, wasted on students incapable
of lasting out a full term, and on students incompetent to even be there at all, simply to fulfill the
demands of social justice engineers. It must come to an end. Let’s spend our school money
wisely and get the real bang for our buck. The Chinese are.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ‘em!


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