Short Takes – Obama Who?


November, a year ago, Obama’s presidency came to a screeching halt. As the nation’s first almost black president, a major accomplishment to be sure, his two terms as America’s first almost black chief executive were sorely disappointing. Nevertheless, being the first almost  black President will rightly remain his only political accomplishment because the new sheriff in town is erasing nearly all of his anti-American policies both foreign and domestic.


Obama brought with him a socialists determination to impose the joy’s of big government; the top down control of all things Marxists believe are important to a nation’s economic, military and social stability, to create a happy nation of diversity and multiculturalism except, America first had to be brought down a notch from it’s high perch of exceptionalism and white privilege.


So, in order to rid America of its evil european roots, it was necessary to change the rules of governing by ignoring them and working around the Congress, one by the way, that quickly became Republican in successive elections. Didn’t Obama tell us: “if the Congress didn’t get the job done, he would, because he had a phone and a pen?  Well, God bless his heart, he tried!


His first task, diminish Americans ability to create energy. America needs energy so, kill the already approved XL pipeline, prohibit offshore drilling, close areas on land where energy is known to exist and call in the useful idiots, including tribal Indians, to block construction of the project. Well, drilling is back, fracking is okay and new areas are open to exploration.


Next, meddle with the already dysfunctional education system mandating that administrations turn their attention from academics to civil rights offenses like sexual assaults, LGBTQ needs and BLM claims. The new sheriff, Donald Trump, is blocking these really stupid ideas.


Next for Obama, hitch his star to the global warming crowd so governments can tax carbon. Where will that money go? To the New World Order” of course. The Clean Power Act was designed to regulate CO2 as a pollutant and simply Ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling that rescinded it. To get ahead of the curve, rush the construction of thousands of ugly windmills all over the landscape, mandate solar collectors, and pay out millions in subsidies to manufacturers before they go bankrupt. Oops, too late!


On jobs, control the apparatus of the National Labor Relations Board that considered private owned franchise chains as single employers for the purpose of collective bargaining, i.e.: enfranchising unions even more to negatively affect the economy by pay demands businesses could not meet. Gone! Trump repealed it.


As socialist policies do not succeed with enlightened Americans, it was necessary to pad the voter rolls with immigrants, even illegal ones. Obama enfranchise them with his pen, creating the DACA, right out of thin air, as a scheme to nationalize stateless persons. The issue was stopped but not resolved by a congress who as yet haven’t got their heads out of their arse’s to realize the dangers. This applies to Obamacare as well an odious scheme still inflicting high mandated expenses costs on the economy.


On foreign policy, red lines and gassing civilians, a non issue for Obama, has found America, under Trump,returned to its unwanted but necessary role as the world’s policeman. Political relations established with the Castro regime have been dismissed as another really stupid idea. Trump also has restored Israel’s faith in America, and Egypt’s as well, by cancelling the non nuclear plan Obama and Kerry concocted with Iran, and by standing against the Muslim Brotherhood. in Egypt


The middle-east, a wreck of Obama’s foreign policy fiascoes, remains to be fixed. Maybe the old political states of Iraq and Syria, artificial as they were when created after WW1, should be abandoned and allowed to return back to the tribal areas Arabs enjoyed before Sykes-Pico interfered.


If we include repeal of the Internet Neutrality act, downsizing the National Parks land grab and repeal of EPA rules that interfered in a person’s right to use his own property without government interference, we quickly realize that almost nothing that Obama imposed on America remains in effect. His eight years of social and economic meddling is vanishing in a blink of the eye.


All we have left to remind us of the near danger we face is the loud screaming and rending of garments by those, hopefully, soon to be headed for prison; by the rag tag remnants of a corrupt law enforcement agency and bureaucrats who will soon be looking for jobs at McDonalds Hopefully, the long arm of justice will get ‘em first.  Soon we’ll be wondering: Obama who?


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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