Short Takes – Joe McCarthy, Where Are You?


The Democrat Party is demonstrably rotten through and through. Democrat Senator Jon Testor  has revealed himself as a reincarnation of Joe McCarthy when he traduced unsubstantiated allegations claiming drunk driving, wrecking a government vehicle, dispensing drugs & etc. against Trumps nominees confirmation hearings of Admiral Ronny Jackson, for VA Secretary.

Testor’s un-vetted allegations, a cathexis of lost causes, were specifically designed as a last effort to shock the committee, flabbergast the press and sway the public into demanding another of Trumps nominees should not hold the position he was selected to fill. Lies, lies and more lies. It’s all they got, but, they got him. Sad, but the pay back will be painful.  

These spurious claims by Sen. Testor, like the suicidal interviews of former FBI Director James Comey, illuminate the dissolving standards of political acumen introduced so many years ago by Joe McCarthy and now so eagerly embraced by the Marxist Democrat party.

The ineluctable attacks on Trumps nominees by the Democrat Party have descended to the level of personal animas. Their tactics reveal they no longer function as a sane American political party but a deranged Marxist one. It reveals the Democrat party is still in such extreme shock over their lost of power in both houses of Congress and the Presidency they believe should rightfully be theirs, that they can now only strike out at blindly at anything or anyone with Trump’s name attached. They scored on Admiral Jackson. He simply quit!

But the sands under Democrat feet are shifting. As it is now presented to the general public we see the aging and geriatric Nancy Pelosi still in line for House Speaker, Chuckie Schumer still in line to fill Senate majority leaders position and etc., if they should win. But, the democrat base is changing again and probably not to the Democrats socialistic advantage.

The Democrats are now fielding many young 9/11 era millinials as candidates for local offices. hoping to seize enough congressional seats to flip the house back to Blue. What they have not calculated is that many of those new 9/11 era candidates have, like many Republican candidates, served in the military, fought in one or more of the several little middle eastern conflicts we have been involved in and understand foreign policy far better than the geriatric and pathetic democrat leadership, who hopes to suborned them, can imagine. The old leadership is nearing, if actually not at its end.

If the House should be flipped back to Democrat control, and I doubt that, you can bet that Nancy Pelosi will be give a lovely bouquet, a farewell tea party with Gin chasers and a plane ticket home. If she refuses the offer, she’ll be tossed out on her ear. With its ranks filled with combat tested warriors the Democrat party will not long remain Marxist. It will not embrace the enemies of America like Islam, as an American tradition, will not embrace continuing support of stateless persons (illegals, Dreamers, DACA’s)) and will definitely help keep America Great.

They will start the metamorphosis change back to an American political party, not a Marxist one and the return back to Constitutional republicanism will slowly, albeit painfully, become the American scene.

Sen. Jon Testor is begging for contributions for his re-election campaign. He should be soundly defeated if he believes America really wants a return to McCarthyism.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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