“Shocked, Shocked!!!”


“Shocked, Shocked!!!”

The world was “shocked, shocked,” when the Brits voted for “Brexit!” The world was shocked when Donald Trump swept away Obama’s Progressive party. The world was shocked when Trump addressed fifty Muslim leaders gathered in Saudi Arabia, on Islamic Terrorism. The world was shocked when Teresa May’s early called election cost her Conservative Party its majority in the UK parliament. As party leader she may not survive as Prime Minister. The Democrats only survive now as hounds braying at the moon. The political sands are shifting to be sure, but nobody’s paying attention, at least in the dysfunctional media. They want Trumps head!

Comey’s testimony didn’t shock the world. It did disappoint what’s left of Democrat politicians. Comey was a sellout by providing the most egregious criminal in American political history, Hillary Clinton, a total pass while trying to implicate Trump in some alleged Russian scheme that didn’t happen, but is still growing out of control. All nonsense!

Clintons loss was her own doing. Evidence of fraudulent election counts by Russian influenced voters and failed recounts of cemetery democrats, proved there was no Russian interference, just not enough democrat voters where it counted. Voter fraud by the Democrat party was apparently wide spread but even then there were not enough democrat, voters where it counted, interested in going to the polls.

But, blame the Russians anyway for influencing the election! Tell that to the unfortunate, Seth Rich who saw from the inside the massive DNC fraud going on. After he informed Wikileaks he was murdered and, while the media driven Democrat party must now accelerate its attacks against Trump, we still hear little about the progress of the DoJ toward Clinton’s inditement.

Clinton barely acknowledged her irresponsibility for mishandling classified documents. We all, who had “need to know” TS/SCI clearances, had to swear to protect National Security under the long established rules directing the handling of classified materials. Violations were in direct contradictions of the Espionage Act, offenses that could amount to treason. Clinton did just the opposite. She did it on purpose. Where’s the outrage?

And so, the Democrats pursue an issue with Trump looking out for a trusted General who was illegally “outed.” The Democrats lost the election because they put up a morally damaged Hillary Clinton, a woman who together with a fraudulent president, sold out America. Didn’t she sell American Uranium to the Russians, for her profit? Where’s the outrage?

After recent events, are we still confused understanding why progressive Western governments are reeling under voter denials? Britain’s Prime Minister Teressa May demonstrated she isn’t conservative at all. She refuses to acknowledge Islamic terrorism is a danger to all non-Islamic governments everywhere. The same for the our Democrat Party, who are still fighting “White Privilege,” Jihadist attacks be damned. They insist on imposing multiculturalism on Americans who don’t want it, Insist that Islam is a religion of peace and not the religion of subjugation. Clinton clung to this deadly precept, among others, and she lost.

Obama deceived us and believed Clinton could deceive us too. Losing the 2016 election, once an assured victory for Democrat Hillary Clinton, shook the Progressives to their very core. They have no message anymore so, in their dying frenzy, they must hound Trump as the true villain. They better get a handle on reality. Their lies are showing and another “shock” is coming. Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

-George McClellan

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