Seven Wasted Years


The Washington Post in its never ceasing quest to demonize and destroy Donald Trump is now examining his relationship with the several recalcitrant Republican Senators who believe they alone have the answer to true happiness and prosperity regardless of their prior promises to repeal the ADA. The Post claims the Senators left the Presidents luncheon ‘confused’ about exactly what Trump wants to see in the GOP’s dying Healthcare bill. We’re not confused!

Regardless of what the Post wants, Trumps base wants Obamacare “REPEALED.” They promised, time and again and now, when push comes to shove, they’re stepping back refusing to repeal the ADA because, “the public needs it!” Unprepared, they wasted seven years. Is their a disconnect between Trump and the Republican Congress as the Post claims? You bet there is! What nobody wants to acknowledge is that Trump is Americas CEO, with a mandate, not a political hack who bends to the will of big money lobbyists, political chiefs and popular demand. Like Ronald Reagan, Trump is from outside the circle and is not beholden to the mechanisms they control. He got his message out and they didn’t. Trump is the President!

Neither the Washington Post, the other mean street media organs, or the Republican Party see Trumps as an equal. They don’t even see him as President. He’s a danger to them because he answered a mandate demanded by the people. He is their champion and still, after six months, continues to prove it. It’s driving the Left crazy so they also attack his son Donald Jr.

If we look closely however, we can see slow forces moving the mechanism of political financing. Some big GOP donors are now contemplating discontinuing their support for those RiNO incumbents not willing to support Trump’s goals. One named donor, Frank Vander Sloot of an Idaho based nutritional supplement company, abhorred the lack of personal courage some Republicans have shown toward keeping their promise, fearful instead of losing their jobs.

Another barely perceptible movement, a shifting of the sands sort of, is the lagging confidence of the rank and file in their leadership. Open defiance of course, invites loss of committee and sub-committee chairmanships, but more importantly, if they don’t defy, their re-elections lie in jeopardy. Conversely the leadership, Ryan and McConnell, are losing faith in the rank and file to follow them. These fears are healthy and will cause either a re-thinking by incumbents of their political positions, or will encourage candidacies of more non-political outsiders to step into the fray, challenge  incumbents and push the RiNO’s out. It’s definitely coming.

The Post views Trumps problems within the GOP as a never-ending crisis of leadership when in fact it is really legislative incompetents hurling themselves against an immovable object. Frustration may be the result but frustration is ultimately the path leading to progress.

Forget the Democrats. They’re broke. indeed, encumbered by a huge debt. They have no youthful candidates coming up through the ranks not already programed to be anti-American and are without a message except, “A Better Deal,” do they really think they can recover congress from an alert conservative base? Don’t bet on it. Seven wasted years.

Trumps message problem as the Post happily points out, is that media attacks will constantly overshadow his plans. For Trump the problem here is who controls what’s left of the Republican party. Trump sees it as a simple executive business function, the Elites see it as a disaster. The insiders will never understand his mandate. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is
the way. Now go help make America great again!

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