Repeat a Lie Often and Loud Enough


Opinion written by James F. Davis:

If you repeat a lie often and loud enough, people will believe it, even though no evidence is given to prove the charge. This is especially effective in winning low information voters if the media wants the lie to be believed.

Politicians caught lying tend to accuse their opponents of what they have been caught doing. So it comes as no big surprise that Marco Rubio and Donald Trump keep calling Ted Cruz a liar. Why? Because Cruz is the only candidate who has a long record of telling the truth and voting the way he promised when running for office. Cruz’s integrity is his strongest point that is why he is being called a liar.

When Ted Cruz pointed out that Marco Rubio got elected saying he was against giving illegals amnesty and then led the group trying to push through amnesty, Rubio at first said Cruz was for amnesty also. But the evidence was so overwhelming that Marco was lying that he and Trump began calling Cruz a liar, unable to cite anything he has lied about.

The future of this nation is at stake. We need to elect a president who has given concrete proposals ( on how to return this country back to the shining light on the hill. Cruz has the integrity, knowledge and ability to reign in our irresponsible government, strengthen our military and national security, and will appoint judges that will follow the Constitution and the rule of law.

James F. Davis


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