Propaganda vs. Reality 


Opinion written by George McClellan:

The latest Super Bowl, the last game of the 2016 season, provided yet another opportunity for sheer mass Progressive propaganda. It did not fail to comply. We saw an Airbnb commercial of split screen faces, mostly third world people, morphing into divided faces of supposed Americans, all wanting to come to America. It was designed to burden us with the accusation that because of Trumps Immigration ban, fair process was denied. Oh, you hateful white people.

A 84 Lumber ad, designed to pull at our heart strings, showed a tired and ragged Latina with a small girl child, together, alone in an inhospitable wilderness, facing the impenetrable barrier of Trump’s hated wall, meandering endlessly along until it disappears forever over the far horizon. Suddenly, a massive door slowly opens allowing the exhausted duo to pass into the welfare state supported by the inexhaustible money supply of the American tax payer. Oh, joy, rapture! 

We are assuaged however, when we see a Latino man in his boss’s pickup truck loaded with workman tools, joyfully racing along the highway, apparently to meet his illegal immigrant family so they can live forever in the land of never ending happiness, diversity and multiculturalism; simple people looking to experience Americas tolerance, compassion, and diversity. Donald Trump, how could you be so damn mean and heartless? 

What was not shown was the reality. The thousands of men, women and children, their bodies racked with unspeakable diseases, lurking in the background ready to rush the gate soon as it was opened to claim victimhood and demand their free housing, free medical care and free schooling, because the “gringo’s” can afford it. Of course, many bring with them a deep desire to achieve but, also their diseases, drugs and crime. Embedded amidst the seething mass of our hopeless southern neighbors banging on the wall “yearning to be free,” are coteries of Islamic Jihadist yearning to establish an Islamic caliphate. 

Most Americans know that not every early immigrant was a German beer maker. Americans know that illegal immigration causes severe strains on social services and jobs but beer helps. People know that unvetted immigration’s has proven to be dangerous to local communities. The violence from Muslim immigrants, in lone wolf or organized attacks, cannot be tolerated any longer. Americans must realize that we can be compassionate without also being victimized. 

One wonders why the media and Democrats don’t accept the reality of young uneducated thugs joining gangs and young pregnant girls coming over to bare their children here so as to become American citizens. The US taxpayers must foot the bill for their children, and the imprisonment of their criminals. Too, the cost of the billions of dollars worth of drugs being smuggled into America by these hoards of organized crime invaders is too much to bare any longer.

We have long been conditioned for compassion by TV. Who doesn’t love watching little puppies and kittens at play, tongues flicking and tails wagging? I do, we all do, but our compassion can only go so far. Puppies and kittens demand nothing but our attention. We welcome that, we feed them happily and spend hundreds of dollars seeing to their good health. Then comes the hoard of diseased children doomed to poverty and, like little puppies, we take them in.

How’s this for reality: a few Smith & Wesson, Colt or Remington firearms ads offering solutions to our fears? Ads for training ranges with targets of running people? “Oh no you don’t! “ “That’s racist, Islamophobic, cruel and unAmerican. Enjoy the future. Thank a Democrat. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (08Feb2017)  

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