Precursors to Conflict or Has it Already Started?


America’s Civil War of the 1860’s was between proponents of two opposite political positions concerning civil rights and states rights that stopped listening to each other. The rising crescendo of loud yelling, turned to screams of outrage, followed by the roar of gunfire. The issue was ultimately settled but not without bloody costs, but the hatreds lingered on. 

The fair exchange of ideas today is nearly as nonexistent as it was before the shooting started in 1861. Contending parties face the same dilemma with significant differences. Slavery is no longer the driving force of political contention, illegal immigrants are, precipitating talk of succession as has been offered by some Californian’s. 

Renegade (Sanctuary) cities have thrown down the gauntlet to Federal authority over one issue the Federal government is empowered to control, the safety and protection of the United States. Borders figure prominently in that equation, like state borders did in our Civil War. 

Today, intolerant leftist politicians in the Democrat party believe they can redefine the Constitution as it suits them, and have demonstrated their willingness to move from debate to yelling, then screaming, leaving them with the only remedy left. gunfire. They have already started. That wing nut from Ohio who shot up a Republican team baseball practice leaving one Republican Representative sorely wounded, ended only because the perp was rendered DRT (dead right there) by brave police. 

Today’s social media now has more distraught wing nuts begging to be arrested lest they should empower the demons in their sick minds to actually attempt to shoot the POTUS. Ardent anti-Trump comedians, slathering late night TV show entertainers, and progressive teachers in our public schools have become embolden to challenge American issues from Illegals to LGBTQ’s, while suggesting the harming of the President would be okay. 

Growing Leftists anti-Trump groups like Anti-Fa’s, Black Lives Matters, and others, including “Never Trump” Republicans, fill the role once occupied by the ‘Slavery forever’ Confederacy crowd. They were Democrats then, they are Democrats today. 

The Progressives (Marxists) have been thrown into total disarray over Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. In their mouth frothing derangement they have mounted every personal attack conceivable to discredit President Trump, demand his impeachment, try to show him as a criminal collaborator with the Russians, characterize him as an uncouth clod unworthy of Americas leadership that should rightfully be theirs, and a direct danger to Obama’s legacy. 

Trumps seems to be encased in an iron shell. Despite the screams of anguish from the Left, Trump presses on with his dismantling of Obama’s business repressive model of socialist government. The successes of Trumps first year have far outshone the miserable results of eight years of Obama’s progressivism but are still diminished by the left as inconsequential. 

The opposite political positions today are between the defenders of American Constitutional Republicanism and the Marxist total control of its citizens. Trump is exactly who America needs at this very time in history and uncouth or not, he is a leader, pushing all the time for needed change to restore Americas life under the rule of law. The Left can’t stand it and the only thing left is gunfire. It’s coming and it will settle the matter.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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