Political Warfare Changes Course


Opinion written by George McClellan

America’s political atmosphere has suddenly become a bit less combustible since Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell invoked Harry Reid’s nuclear option choking off the filibuster. Now, on reflection, I expect that Senators may return to being statesmen again and not obstructionists by using the only tool available for obstructionists, the filibuster.

Oh, they still hate conservatism but they’re powerless to make any changes. The Democrat party is defeated, they just haven’t accepted it yet. The worst of the problem is that the GOP doesn’t know how to lead and are just beginning to realize they are actually in charge.

Individual Republicans try to act for themselves until such time they get co-opted by the forces of Big Government. They march not to a different drummer, but each to their own drummer, a cacophony of drumbeats, each with their own ideas, squabbling in disagreement on the pettiest of issues, while the organized, machine like Democrats manipulate them into confusion and disarray. The Democrats just got comfortable and that made them lazy and careless.

It was the organized tea party’s supporting constitutional thinking candidates that started the change in the Republican party. The organized Freedom Caucus is proof of that. The GOP’s leadership, instead of working to keep Democrats happy so “we can all get along,” must now contend with a raucous caucus that is changing the course of their ship of state and, they don’t like it. Then along came Trump, not a Republican and certainly not a Socialist (democrat) making changes in the party’s name whether they like it or not. It’s the New Age Republican Party and it’s Trumps party now. His enemies are lined up to get ‘em.

Trumps trick is that he moves so fast, like the Roadrunner, (beep-beep) that nobody can fire up his programs and start the combustion they so dearly desire. Whoosh, and he’s gone on to the next project. Chuck Schumer recognizes that. Notice how he has now sounding a bit conciliatory? Forget the nominations process, it’s over. He agreed with President Trumps lobbing of cruise missiles onto the Syrian Airfield, and is actually making overtures to try to stem the death knell of his beloved Obamacare. I think he really sees salvation in Trump’s presidency if they stop rattling his cage. Trump’s a doer. He completes projects, he knows how much it’s going to cost and where to cut wasted spending. He don’t mind sharing the credit either.

Campaign wise, The Democrats are coming on very noisily. In the race for Georgia’s 6th House Dist. the Democrat candidate, a youthful inexperienced, clownish figure, has $8.4 million dollars and it didn’t come from 6th Dist. Democrat donor’s because within the Democrat party there lurks their real enemy, the killer elites, the New Age Democrat Party of the Bernie Sanders faction. They are dedicated socialists. They will be coming on very strongly and very soon. They hate the Clinton’s and the DNC who suckered Bernie Sanders into what appeared to be a fair contest for the nomination when the game was rigged all along. They will be setting the democrat agenda afire in the next year or two.

And, here all along, we thought the Democrat Party was a solid socialist party in the old soviet mold. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Bernie’s battalions will soon be organized and hitting the streets. They will do to the old age Democrat party what the Tea Party has done to the old age Republicans, snatch away their reason to exist. Ron Paul had a near similar success with his dedicated Libertarians but they fell short because they still pretended to be Republicans with a bitch and nobody likes bitchers.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (09Apr17)

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