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Opinion by George McClellan:

Word is that George H.W. Bush said he was going to vote for Hillary. That is suspect because it has not been confirmed. A rumor only started by Kathleen Kennedy. Mitt Romney, however, desperately spinning around like a compass needle seeking a Trump alternative, has finally found his true north in the character of the Libertarian Candidate, former governor, G. Johnson.

Romney’s efforts will be futile. Americans are weary of the old ideas of the antique Oligarchs of the Republican party after their failures to pursue conservatism and the rule of law, or resist Obama depredations against the US Constitution. Instead they facilitated his programs by approving the waste of tax payers money to fund his programs in omnibus spending bills. What happened to defunding Planned Parenthood for example? We are not happy!

Folks like the Romney’s, Bush’s, Kasich and McCain, now stand witness to the demise of their way of political life pretending to be America’s statesmen. They want to be able to tell the American people, if Trump should lose, that it’s our fault, that we should have listened to them and all would have been well. Either way, if Hillary wins, it will be too late for America. Nothing else will matter except “what comes out of the barrel of a gun”…Mao Tse Sung.

Americans are especially weary of the Bush and Romney families and have turned away from their soothing counsel. The geriatric John McCain and the officious Ohio blowhard John Kasich, having no vast family’s behind them crowding to push ahead, are here only for the duration. The same applies to little Marco and Ted Cruz. The Clintons have laid their hopes for their political future on their only progeny, one daughter, Chelsea, now corrupted by both her parents and her husband. At least she has had two foals to carry on the Clinton legacy if any exists, by another name of course.

America fought a war against what was once, arguably, the greatest military power in the world, the British Empire. The British lost an important portion of their empire, the thirteen American Colonies, not because they suffered from military weakness but because the Americans had a better intelligence apparatus working against them. Where does that leave us today?

Today, we are in a war our government won’t even recognize. Islam has declared Jihad against the west, it’s culture, it’s religions and its freedoms. Islam is a fascist concept of population control, weakened over the centuries by incestual relationships leaving a violent cadre of weirdo’s whose worldly education is limited to studying the Koran and the writings of their Prophet, Mohammed. The religion of peace subsequently turned its ambitions to subjugation by brutality, mayhem, conquest and murder to spread their faith as demanded by the “Prophet.”

Romney, Kasich, Bush, et. al, don’t understand that, or if they do, have already planned an exit strategy when the killing starts, leaving the rest of us here to fend for ourselves. As Trump critics it’s clear they would prefer Trump to suffer an electoral disaster that would justify their claims that he would indeed destroy the Republican party, instead of restoring American democracy. It is also clear the Never-Trump crowd of Romney and Bush haven’t thought this thing through.

Americans don’t care about Donald Trump’s faux pas’s. He’s learning, he’s saying the right things and he makes the right promises. He sees the future. He is what America needs right now. Even if he fails, through democrat chicanery at the polls, look at the progeny he leaves for the future. New blood, new stock and smart to boot. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution its the way. Now, go support Trump. (20 Sept 2016)

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