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Opinion written by Robert Quinn:


To America

I begin this letter(session 7) by requesting that all receipients of my previous letters on this subject review them, for they factually emphasize how Barack Obama unlawfully contrived (and succeeded) to secure an invalid presidency over our Country.

Example #1: For over two years Obama used an Hawaiian short form “Certification of Live Birth” as “supposed” proof that he was born in Hawaii and, therefore, was a “natural-born” American citizen and eligible to seek the office of the Presidency. In truth, however, that short form “Certification of Live Birth” had limited power and could not be used by anyone seeking the office of the Presidency. A long-form “Certificate of Live Birth” would have been acceptable. Obama, a former Constitutional teacher, knew this, yet, deliberately used his document to deceive our Nation though aware that computer experts had declared it both invalid and, more damning, a fraud. This now made Obama’s actions criminal. Had anyone else been found guilty of such conduct they would be wearing stripes in a Federal Prison.

Example #2: I previously wrote that not one Hawaiian Hospital had ever claimed to be Obama’s birth hospital. This included Kapialani Medical Center. the one Obama so claimed. Also, when the Governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, went to the Hawaiian Health Dept. to personally obtain a copy of Obama’s ‘supposed” valid birth certificate, he returned to his office empty-handed and reported this rejection to the Hawaiian people at large. Odd ,isn’t it how the Major Media missed this story?

A trail of deception runs through every Obama effort to keep his ineligibility secret. If silence worked he utilized it; If not, he used false documents to keep his deception intact. If all else failed he simply lied. Truth, sadly, never had and still hasn’t a seat in Obama’s Moral Kingdom.

Example #3:Army Lt.Colonel Terrence Lakin wrote to Obama after hearing more and more challenges to Obama’s eligibility, simply asking him to supply proof of his eligibility since only a Legitimate Commander-in-Chief may give orders to the Military. Obama never responded and allowed the Colonel to suffer through a court-martial at which his defense team was forbidden to introduce any evidence which might “embarrass the President.” American Justice? This was the order of the Court. Where was Obama’s voice at this trial? It was silent! What a contrast. The Colonel, who freely gave 18 years of his life to America,was imprisoned and lost everything, while Barack Obama illegally took everything he could from that same America.

Example #4:Obama had repeatedly praised the cause of minority students who desperately sought financial aid (a commendable cause), yet, when Globe Magazine offered him $100,000 to help those students, he ignored the offer and Globe, because the offer had one condition which Obama knew would be his downfall if he complied.He would have had to produce a valid Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth”. Having only a limited, fraudulent document,He dared not respond to Globe’s offer, hence his silence.

Example #5:Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee now enters the picture, offering Obama five million dollars (you are reading correctly), with a similar stipulation as those previously mentioned herein. All Obama had to do was produce a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” to show to computer experts for verification of its authenticity and the money would be his to give to charities of his choice. Obama not only ignored the offered amount but ignored the person offering it as he had done with the others mentioned herein. Even a second offer by
Mr.Trump, this time for $50,000,000 dollars(you are still reading correctly) was quietly ignored.Think of what this amount could have done for many students in need.Then think of what the students must be thinking!

In my next writings I will explain why I concentrate on Obama’s Presidential ineligibility,which some dismiss as a “closed issue”. Having an ineligible,fraudulent imposter in the White House, who can destroy the Country we love through executive orders,etc.should never be referred to as a “closed issue”. Whether Republican,Democrat or otherwise we must remember that Obama would allow to perish what we were taught to cherish, America, Land of the Free and the home of the brave.

To Be Continued,
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