Panic in the Beast


Opinion by George McClellan:

I marvel at the absolute panic sweeping the two unpopular and totally corrupt political party’s that have usurped their mandates, ruined the culture of America’s exceptionalism and are now attempting to force upon us the concept of a collective “One World Government.” Trump is definitely in the way, causing much panic.

The Progressive/Democrat/Liberal party is the main villain but, alas, the hapless, slavish Republicans, bravely, but stupidly attempting to stay relevant in the face of the Left’s subversive assault on the constitutional rules of law based upon its Judeo-Christian values, has done noting to deter the Democrat created socialist horror descending upon us. The Republican party, having lost its conservative credentials long ago, is feeling the sting of change and they don’t know how to respond. There is panic in the beast.

A sizable portion of conservative American voters, alarmed at the direction Obama and the Democrat Party has taken the country, in frustration, have rallied behind a smart, skillful, wealthy, by his own means, but boisterous candidate, that the party, not recognizing the clear writing on the wall, finds itself in total panic over that candidate we picked for them, denying his relevancy, his conservative legitimacy, and his campaign style which is not theirs.

The GOP panic already has involved seventy, more or less, GOP elites who truly believe that by denying Trump, they will encourage a shadow candidate to step forth and win the election for the GOP. Fat chance! A wonderful., former CIA officer has stepped forward who sounds good, knows all the answers and offers solutions but, he’s not wanted except to ensure the GOP is lost forever. If that unhappy event should occur, it will not be Trump’s fault! it will totally be the fault of the rotten to the core Republican elites who didn’t see it coming. Panic!

On the Democrat side, more than enough evidence exists to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, the complete corruption of Hillary & Bill Clinton and probably even their daughter, for violations of US law on graft & corruption by selling influence, mis-handling of classified documents, and running a self enrichment scheme that benefits only them, The Clinton’s should be thrown so far back in jail that you’ed need a lantern to find ‘em or shoot beans at ‘em with a shotgun.

Remember, Hillary Clinton has a long history of failure. She was a lawyer cashiered from the Watergate investigation committee because of unethical practices, lies, and misrepresentations. That should have been the end of any career she could have anticipated. Obviously, it didn’t! Through thick and thin Hillary clung to Bill’s coat tails over thirty tumultuous years that, so that by default and changes within the Democrat Party, she now emerges as the only Democrat candidate possible because “its her turn and she’s a woman.” Her score of diplomatic failures is unrivaled, except possibly by John, the Vietnam vet, Kerry, who is as equally incompetent.

After Trumps great Wisconsin speech on law and order, I tuned in to CNN after Fox news bored me by trying to tell me what Trump just said. I watched the speech so I know what he said, I do not need talking heads spinning it. CNN on the other hand, brought forth that great Democrat Progressive, Van Jones, the black Commie the Obama administration had to let go early in the first term, to enlighten us with his opinion. What is clear was that CNN, in a sense of pure panic, literally attempted to destroy Trump’s message, not by reporting on what he said, but by regurgitating the common lies already out there the MSM has already established. There’s panic in the beast, folks. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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