Obama’s Follies


Opinion by George McClellan:

Obama is clearly delusional. His shameful remarks, like Islamic dogma, made upon his visit to a Baltimore Mosque known to have harbored radical Islamic Jihadists, caps the true meaning of his legacy, a squalid trail of failed ideas, social and economic destruction, and proselytizing Christians to accept their chains. This creature, from his bully pulpit, talked down to the American people like a school teacher would to a class of simpletons. He chided us for our lack of understanding to the religion of peace while extolling, with lies, the virtues of the worlds most hate-filled, destructive, abdominal class of uneducated, third world, sex-starved morons ever known to man.

He had the audacity to link President Thomas Jefferson with Islam by the mere fact the Jefferson, and Adams, both possessed, and read, copies of the Koran. Of course he didn’t say they read the book because they needed to know the enemy. Jefferson, in fact, was getting ready to kick the asses of the Muslim Barbary pirates and establish the US Navy as a world force to be reckoned with. I suppose they’re still mad about that and Obama is their revenge.

I despise being scolded by an idiot. I know he’s supposed to be smart, but stupid slips out every now and then, like visiting all 57 states and giving a nod to the Marine ‘Corpse.’  Why did he feel the need to talk down to Christians as if we were a bunch of rampant murders with nothing better to do then running around attacking muslims here in America? As far as I can tell the only muslims attacked in America, and killed, was that loving husband and wife team shooting at policemen in San Bernardino, Ca. and the two idiots in Texas. Other muslim killed in America were done so by the friends and relatives, not by Christians or Jews.

More anti-semitism from muslims occurs in America than the reverse. More Christians and Jews, are attacked in America by muslims than by other Christians. Clearly he has his priorities or his facts mixed. Where has a mosque been vandalized or muslim children bullied? If these events truly happened, the MSM would have screamed it out to the world. Of course they don’t scream out when muslims attack, kill or maim Americans and, It’s only in mosques where the pedophiles have free reign, that these depredations occur anyway, not in the Christian community that welcomed them here.

Obama, the crypto-muslim, would have us believe that Islam is a religion of peace when the whole world knows otherwise. “Islam”, he says, “comes from the root word Salam, meaning peace,” when we already know Islam means “submission” He blathers on how “muslim Americans keep us safe, they are our policemen, our firefighters, they are in the Dept. of Homeland Security” (OMG) and that it is wicked of us infidels (non-muslims) to be concerned about them.

Historically, the first muslims encountered by Americans were the Barbary pirates. I do not recall any lesson that said a muslim crewed with Christopher Columbus. I don’t recall learning that any muslim fought in our Revolutionary War, explored with Lewis and Clark, fought the British in 1812 or took sides in our Civil War. I am unable to recollect where any muslim had anything to do with the creation of America’s greatness.

Everything western offends Islam and if it offends Islam it must be destroyed. Rearranging the NYC skyline comes to mind as do the centuries old Christian Churches and monasteries located throughout the middle-east they can get their hands on. Maybe what Americans really need is a good old dose of Islamophobia. It’s not a bad word you know, and it’s going to come anyway!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, ignore that crap and let’s go get ‘em! (4Feb 2016)

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