Moral Relativism


Opinion by George McClellan:

Listening to the various political radio talk show commentators, all conservatives of course because Liberal sites only last long enough to go bankrupt, it’s amusing to hear the liberal callers as they whine about moral relativism when defending Hillary or Bernie. At the moment the issues are really all Trump vs. Hillary. Bernie is nothing but a thorn in Hillary’s side.

What is happening, electorally, is a political earthquake of gigantic proportions, an event where the working middle class, what’s left of it, and the self-centered student class, losers, anarchists, and government dependents, are throwing off the shackles of political serfdom to an elite class that found the system so malleable that it became easy to enrich themselves from the public coffers. So, politically, a chasm exists between both party’s orthodoxy of the past two or so decades and the economic interests of today’s electorate. For both parties, that chasm between voters and the corruption of the political elites, at the moment, is falling in favor of the electorate.

For the Democrat party, that not too long ago shed the image of being old time racist Dixiecrats, Southern white males who ruled their regimes with unyielding power of authoritarianism that satisfied their close followers, the transition of that power to federal authority over the past five decades has changed the face of who’s is in charge or should be. It has shifted from white Southerners to Northern white Liberals besotted with the feel good ethics of moral relativism.

Basically, nobody really knows what they were talking about, especially the black race who by evidence of their continued votes for democrat candidates, still cling to the false hope of economic advancement by their masters, but only if allowed. The Democrat Party is still the party of slave masters.They just changed their uniform.

Hillary Clinton is possessed of none of the leadership traits of the old time Southern white male politicians. She does not have the skills to be a smooth talking white slave master or a political sugar daddy to her clingers-on. She is a screecher and an out and out money grubber. She’s in it for herself. It is one reason, Bernie Sanders has made her campaign such a mess.

The news focus is still on the clash between Hillary and Bernie. Campaigns by pre Bill Clinton Democrats, like Jim Webb for example, went nowhere fast. He lacked a constituency and found himself completely out of place among the other Democrat Socialist thinking politicians who early sought the 2016 Democratic nomination, but died aborning. Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist of the old school (think Commie), hangs in there like a bad case of acne claiming a moral relativism that appeals to the educated but still illiterate class.

So, what about the Republicans? Noting the early success of the changed Democrat Party, but lacking the killer infighting skills to combat the Democrats socialist programs, they took the path of least resistance thinking it best simply to “go along to get along”, all the while telling their constituencies how Conservative they really were. Boy, were we stupid letting it go so far. Then, along comes an alpha male, Donald Trump who eschews political correctness, says what’s on his mind, challenges the Liberal press on their lies, and stands for president sweeping all the “usual suspects” aside leaving the organized party, and its think-tank acolytes, in a near state of catatonic shock. Actually, it’s all morally relative. It’s who gets to dip in the coffers!

Sadly, for Georgians, our first real chance to prove that our fears were indeed grounded, we threw it away by returning virtually all the usual suspects to their incumbencies. Sad, very sad! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (02 June 2016)

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