Misusing Language


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Democrats are practiced in the art of circumlocution. They say one thing then claim they meant another. They change word definitions to fit their narrative, hide them in a flurry of rhetoric and then shamelessly move on to the next lie or problem they create.

In case they didn’t get the message, they have also lost three elections in a row. Judging by the incredulous, vituperative reaction to Trumps presidency, now being harmlessly showered down on a Trump who doesn’t really care, I think the Democrats days are probably numbered. Trump vanquished them, completely and he sweeps on while they’re trying to figure out their next plot to undermine him. Their message doesn’t resonate any more. Donald Trump was elected by Americans who believe his policy proposals will reverse years of economic decline brought on by, among other things, Obama’s overregulation, overspending and mismanagement.

The rising level of opprobrium belongs to the Democrats alone. Their propaganda machine, the MSM, is itself now under serious attack by Trump while it flails away at the wrong issues. Trump doesn’t play the game their way. By ‘tweets’, he chums them and they rise to his bait. To us, he speaks simply, in clear words and then follows up on his pledges and they can’t keep up. All this tawdry unpleasantness simply because the Left don’t know what is and is not the truth anymore, unless it’s the truth that fits their socialist agenda. We’re not listening!

Here’s an example of media driven fake news. The Weekly Standard, still clinging to their “Never Trump” mantra, would have us believe that the mass State Department resignations of senior officials must signal a loss of confidence in Trumps administration. An interesting point, since Trump hasn’t hardly even got started yet. In fact, their resignations are pro forma when a change of administrations occurs. As presidential appointees, they serve at the pleasure of the President, not the Civil Service. The resignation letters submitted by Obama’s appointees, Progressive all, after the election, were legal and accepted immediatelyTrump was sworn in. They weren’t fired! Interestingly, the last time the US Government experienced such a mass loss of employees involved in foreign diplomacy was at the Little Big Horn.

Such change Is good for the government, good for realigning our foreign relations priorities and good for setting the parameters for knowing who is really for us and who isn’t. Doubtless, good relations with other governments, including the several sanctuary cities and counties in America, are critical to our own security as a country. American’s see that, the Left doesn’t and frames their dissent in terms of hate words, i.e.: we are racist, homophobic, islamaphobic, & etc. Their power to instill fear with twisted language is fast ebbing.

These Short Takes essays you read are exercises in anti-circumlocution. One can show a level of intellectualism without verbosity. When published, they are limited to filling one page with basic truths, free of peripheral nonsense that say’s nothing. They are direct and to the point! To achieve that end, I always have at hand three essential books: a book of Synonyms, a Thesaurus and a Dictionary. Searching for the best word(s) that succinctly explains my thoughts, eliminates the boring and mind numbing verbosity that the Left uses to explain their ‘truths’. Winston Churchill is my literary example. I confess also, that I am occasionally aided by a friend who apparently has a dictionary too.

What do you call 68 democrats who refuse to attend a Presidential inauguration?….. A good start!  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, Let’s help Trump make America Great again. Trump can’t do it alone. Let him lead. (27 Jan 2017)


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