Missing the Clues


Opinion by George McClellan:

The Democrats, the Clinton’s especially, totally underestimated the wrath of the American people by ignoring the political, economic and social problems so clearly revealed by the elections of 2012 and 2014 that returned the Congress into Republican hands.

Those millions of “little people” not within that special circle of “Royal” favor, by either purchase , grace and favor or intimidation, finally made their voice heard and their anger manifest on this past 8 November. They hate the royalty, the special favors class and bankers.

This has happened before. Our own Revolutionary War, for example, lost the British King his American Colonies. The French revolution lost the French king his head and the Czar of Russia, and his family, we’re simply murdered in a house basement. Citizens once suffering under the heel of those respective despots, it was thought, were cowed enough by the presence in their midsts of the military and secret police, that their anger should not present a problem that couldn’t be controlled with a few hangings or beheadings by Guillotine.

The citizens of today’s society, the one now blissfully coming to a rapid close, were cowed by the enforcers of political correctness, criminal actions against dissenters by political functionaries already installed in local governments, and taunts of the screaming youths issuing forth from today’s liberal colleges and universities. Many of these intellectuals doubtless aspired to leadership rolls in the Clinton’s royal government. Now, they had better fine real jobs.

America once prided itself on its freedoms and boundless opportunities for anyone willing to try to get ahead. None of these things have existed in the past decade except to our new royalty. The wealthy, many made so by their associations with a corrupt government, live well in their palaces, often by impoverishing the rest of us. It has happened many times in history.

My friend, Joe McCutchon and I anticipated Trump’s election simply by understanding the states where he devoted his greatest attention and especially by the crowd turnouts at his rallies. That was one poll totally ignored by the royal pundents. The sainted one’s who toasted themselves with expensive wines and dinners that cost as much to attend as some men’s whole annual salaries, didn’t see it coming. Something had to be done, and it was.

The changes coming will not be good for socialism. It will hurt, like a deep splinter being pried out of a finger. But, they must feel the pain. There is no growth without effort and pain is an essential part of the experience. Trump said he would drain the swamp. That swamp is deep and full of muck but drained it must be. Let’s hope the EPA doesn’t get in the way by stopping the draining because of the endangered species who live there.

American’s would be aghast if we knew that the Clinton’s royal, and the Obama usurpers, suddenly found themselves facing a death chamber, a firing squad or the scaffold. But, deep inside we would say, “Oh yeah! But that’s not the American way. Prison terms, followed by a life in penury will generally satisfy our need for retribution on the truly greedy.

As we see on todays post-election streets, the violence the media calls “peaceful demonstrations,” is left to the minions of the progressive left. Their assumptions for the future have been dashed. They show their frustrations, as they always do, rioting, looting and burning, but especially by physically assaulting white people whose autos bear Trump Stickers.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em and help Trump make America great again. (15 Nov 2016)

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