Liberalism As Psychopathology


Opinion by John Tutten:

The latest national presidential election polling shows that about forty percent of registered voters are planning to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. This despite the FBI confirming that she violated criminal statutes for the handling of top secret material and then lied to Congress about it.

This forty percent will vote for her even though she was complicit in the deaths of four brave Americans in Benghazi and then promulgated lies about the attack for political purposes. Clinton will get their vote despite her catastrophic diplomatic initiatives in the Middle East that have left the region a seething cauldron of violence with tens of thousands dead.

How can forty percent of the electorate consider someone as incompetent, deceitful, and amoral as Clinton a viable candidate for the most powerful office on earth? The only consistent justification offered for her candidacy is that, “It’s just time for a woman to be president.” Heck, then why not Julia Louise-Dreyfus? This could have been her chance to be president for real. She would certainly be more appealing.

Truth is that this forty percent will pull the “D” lever no matter who the candidate is. The question remains though – why?

Despite the unambiguous failure of liberalism over the last six decades, this forty percent refuses to recognize it. The country is closing in on $20 trillion in operating debt. We have accumulated over $200 trillion in unfunded financial commitments the Left has dragged the country into. The black family is in shambles. Race relations are the worst in decades. Our military is the least prepared it’s been since well before World War II and morale is at an all time low. The number of abled-bodied Americans out of the work is at record levels. Our borders are wide open. The overall culture is in steep decline. And all of this is traceable directly to liberalism, yet a substantial percentage of the country is steadfast in maintaining their support despite our declining trajectory.

Again, why? If we conservatives are going to be able to turn this around and get our country back on a Constitutional foundation again, we have to understand the liberal mind and with that knowledge synthesize effective strategies to erode liberalism’s hold on so much of the country.

Lyle H. Rossiter, a forensic psychiatrist with more than forty years in treating personality and mental disorders and author of “The Liberal Mind – The Psychological Causes of Madness”, provides some vital insight into the foundations of modern liberalism.

In a summary of his book, Rossiter writes: “The modern liberal mind, its distorted perceptions and its destructive agenda are the product of disturbed personalities.” Today’s liberal mind simply does not recognize and acknowledge our fundamental human nature and therefore denies how humans are designed to live and relate to each other.

Modern liberalism does not recognize individual liberty as the highest social value to be preserved and cultivated. Therefore it does not protect nor respect basic property rights and the individual pursuit of prosperity and happiness. Instead, the liberal mind paints a picture of hopelessness, suspicion, victimization, entitlement, and dependence.

Our founding and success as a country was based on the self-reliance and perseverance of the individual. Through the struggle to build the life that one envisions; the individual develops character, courage, and respect for others in a similar pursuit. This builds a strong culture where individuals relate to each other in the most positive way and benefit from the innovations generated by the free flow of the creativity of its people.

The liberal mind deprives society of such benefits. It takes away the responsibility of the individual for his life and his actions to provide for himself. No matter how poor the judgment or how low the desire to make something of oneself or how fearful of facing difficulty, the individual is relieved of any personal responsibility for his plight. Instead, the individual’s failure to achieve his potential is blamed on “the system”. Social conditions are stacked against the individual making it impossible for him to succeed in any meaningful way on his own.

Therefore, the only chance the individual has of a fulfilling life is through the beneficial actions of a large ubiquitous government managing an ever-increasing level of detail in the individual’s life. Personal responsibility and autonomy are relegated to the ash heap of history and all of society becomes wards of the state.

Rossiter believes that such fanatical desire for a society of totally unactualized individuals is not just an honest miscomprehension of man’s true nature, but is rather a clear sign of psychopathology. Only psychic disorder of great magnitude could produce the fanatical and unrelenting pursuit of such a bleak society as we have seen from the Left in this country.

So, the battle line is clear. We need to view everything our government engages in through the lens of whether it enhances personal liberty and freedom or not. We oppose everything that places further limits on our autonomy. We must promote within our families and those that we engage with the values of individualism and personal motivation.

And every politician looking for our vote must provide clear answers to this very simple question – “If elected, what will you do to preserve and increase our individual freedom and sovereignty?” If we cannot get a clear list of actions from any candidate in response to this query, they are out. This goes for your local commission as well as Donald Trump and all offices in between.

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