It’s a Cultural Thing Stupid


Opinion by George McClellan:

Slowly the opprobrium that had long been directed to Donald Trump by the fawning far left wing media, as well as the loser establish GOP elites, are slowly shifting to refocus on the abysmal campaign the Democrats thought they were conducting through the inevitable presidency of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the anointed one. The failure of that campaign requires a deep and penetrating examination. Autopsies can be brutal.

The forensic examination of the Democrat corpse now underway has shown the party to be very thin skinned. Their nihilism is apparent and the verdict was clear, the Democrat party simply didn’t understand the mood of the American public, made no effort to understand, assumed what was once reliable truths in the loyalty of their block votes like the Blacks and Hispanics, and dismissed Donald Trump, as a redneck buffoon, albeit a rich one, who could not possibly be expected to resonate with the American people.

For Hispanics, there is a pool of family and religion that penetrates deep into their culture, bound by traditions and reenforced by practice. A reverence for the old ways remains intact. The Democrats, having long abandoned a moral code as a policy, didn’t even understand that.

Worse, it was Hillary’s time, she deserved it, she earned it and by gawd, she was due it. With corporate thinking like that, who needs enemies? The Democrats apparently missed the memo that challenged their relevance and no amount of money from George Soros could change the no relevance factor. The Party is dead. Long live the Party!

Not all was dark in the Democrat ranks. Even if Hillary wouldn’t, or couldn’t, speak to the malise of the displaced American’s she was counting on to get her into the White House, old Bernie Sanders did. As a populist, like Trump, he settled on a few key issues to champion his campaign, issues that many of the disintegrating middle class understood and he went with it. But, fraud and deception ended his pursuit of leadership, happily for America, that would have  pushed political America over the brink into historical oblivion, set on the shelf like the Roman Empire of old.

Donald Trump on the other hand, has pulled us back, barely from the brink, and will have to fight like hell to beat off the savage attacks that will come at him from the establishment elites trying to keep some operative semblance of an elite establishment and some level of relevance in order to maintain the fraud. Trump understood the American culture in its many parts and how to convert it. He spoke in honest terms and they listened.

By an earlier definition the area called Wash. DC, filled as it is with uncomprehending political operatives (serfs) who have paying jobs, enjoy small perks we on the outside don’t have, and can’t see beyond the beltway, exist only to work. They live in a “latitudinarian socity,” a great feudal estate, primarily devoted to agriculture (politics), using primitive tools (corrupted influence), with little incentive to bring in new ideas, techniques or methods to satisfy the popular will by embracing the moral codes that once made the estate great, wealthy and strong. They came as raiders, stripped the estate of its purpose and converted it into a crime syndicate. The “party” encourages riots in the streets, murder of policemen, and arson and looting of cars and buildings. The elites, who demanded Trump accept the results of the election are now the ones who refuse to accept the results of the election.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! Help Trump make America Great again. (22 Nov 2016)


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