Impeachment, Where Is Thy Sting?


This Democratic Party’s impeachment farce, apart from costing taxpayers boat loads of money
we don’t have, will never achieve the Progressives intended goal of getting rid of Donald
Trump!And, Hillary Clinton will never become President and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Nancy Pelosi, the elderly nymphet of botox non-importance, is putting forward a brave face
against her dilemma. Nancy realizes that AOC’s squad of Radicals is now the driving force for
impeachment and that she has lost control not only of her caucus but the argument as well.
Being between a rock and a hard spot, Pelosi will use the soothing words of our Constitution,
plus meditative prayer when it supports her, as a sop for the masses. She’ll as quickly change
the script when it does not support her, like this impeachment nonsense. What are the charges
brought against Donald Trump: “Abuse of Power and “,”Obstruction of Congress” and how are
they impeachable? Sounds like Obama’s administration.

Those charges are meaningless, laughably lacking any serious import. Always, in the face of
failure, Democrats, at the last minute will drag up some important new evidence in the form of a
non-player witness like Lev Parnas, who manages to impeach his own testimony with every
breathless interviewer, or claiming they found missing uncounted ballots in the trunk of a poll
watchers car? They do this all the time. It’s because they're basically criminals, liars and cheats
like deadly microbes in a petri dish, slowly dying without power. Where’s the Energizer Bunny
when you need her?

What does the US Constitution say about it? Well first, the charges are unconstitutional. The
Constitution Party of Georgia, via the Madison Forum, weigh- in with these observations:
“Article 2, Section 4 clearly requires a significant and serious crime to justify impeachment. No
such crime is alleged in the two impeachment articles because the House Intelligence and
Judiciary Committees did not hear witnesses who provided evidence of impeachable actions
through their firsthand accounts of the material facts in question.”

The laughably fabricated word for word discussion of the phone call between Trump and
Ukraine President Zalensky, performed by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, (D-Ca),
was immediately destroyed by release of the real phone call transcript. It should have been
enough to stop them but their scheme goes on. Our elected Politicians should realize their oaths
require them to observe the Constitution and adhere to the tenants of Due Process found in the
5th and 14th Amendments. What could be difficult about that? The rules were practiced when
Nixon faced Impeachment and resigned and when Bill Clinton was impeached and didn’t.

About fairness, the Georgia Constitutional Party wrote: “The House committees deprived Trump
of due process by violating many of their own due process rules. For example, the House
Intelligence Committee denied the minority party the ability to issue subpoenas, call their own
witnesses, and receive proper notice of meetings. When Trump refused to participate in these
corrupt anti-American proceedings, the Judiciary Committee bypassed litigation and charged
him with Obstruction of Congress in the second impeachment article. Such a dishonest process
threatens to transform our republic’s standards of equal protection under just laws. Those who
voted for either of the impeachment articles violated their oath of office to uphold the

This is not a legal trial but a political farce designed to try to prevent Trump a second term in
2020. For Democrats to accomplish their goal i’s imperative that they meddle with the rules,
even in the Senate, so they can demand “fairness”; in the process. If that rascally Mitch
McConnell won’t do their bidding in the name of fairness and Trump is acquitted, then the

Republican process must be corrupt. Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md), said: “anybody not for
witnesses in the trial would be “fixing and rigging the trial” and “complicit in a cover-up.” So, we
need four Republican senators, and I think the pressure will build because if you’re not willing to
call witnesses and get relevant documents at a trial, you are for fixing and rigging the trial. And
they would be complicit in a cover-up.” Therefore, the argument goes, any Republican Senator
who shows pro-Trump bias should recuse themselves, but not Democrat Senators because they
are not biased. My God, where are we headed as a nation, Into totalitarism? Yes, if Democrats
are allowed to succeed.

Pelosi is famous for taking a positive position on issues that favor Democrats and changing
her opinion when the reverse applies to them. Her articles of impeachment obviously lack
substance and what does Pelosi say?: “So, in any case, it’s not a question of saying what proof.
It says what allegations have been made and that has to be subjected to scrutiny as to how we
go forward, but it should not be ignored, and the context of other events that have happened
that would substantiate some of that," All babble.

Didn’t that old MSM TV news reporter Dan Rather, who got fired for his plotting do that to
George Bush? Rather, when caught lying himself, said:”It’s not the lack of evidence, it’s the
seriousness of the charges that need to be investigated!" Those are methods and techniques
right out of the Democrat "How to destroy your enemy”playbook”. In the end, one of the two
main party’s will be destroyed.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ’em!

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