Hitler Still Used as Propaganda


Opinion written by george McClellan

Fake news is calculated to spark outrage, change a narrative or alter our focus from a major issue to a non issue. It is a favorite tool of Leftist politicians, but yielded best by the Left-wing media, and always used against those who dissent from Progressive orthodoxy.

Paramount among them is to slather anyone who disagrees with them or their their indefensible ideas, as Hitler, or Hitler like or some form of Hitlerism intending, of course to invoke the memories of modern history’s most evil man, Adolph Hitler, aka: der Fuehrer.

I have received one or two such responses to my little essays in the past, some remarking that “I would have done Hitler proud.” Well, that simply won’t do, for many reasons. I don’t speak German. I’m a constitutional conservative, not a fascist. I don’t support ideas of National Socialism, including National Health. I don’t support the creation of private shock troops within America, I hate attending mass propaganda rallies, illuminated by torches or marching in circles around bonfires singing an anthem dedicated to a dead low IQ thug. The last uniform I gladly wore was my police uniform, before that the US Army’s and before that, the Boy Scouts. Since then, I avoid the idea of me wearing a uniform and, I don’t drink that much beer either.

But disagree with the Left, and one suddenly becomes worse than Hitler, excoriated on Face book and Twitter, confronted by screaming rioters totally unaware of the politics they are defending and, of course, subtly by the use of the email.

Now why, one could ask, isn’t Joseph Stalin held up as a pejorative name? As a better example of ruthlessness, he purposely killed more of his own Russian people than Hitler ever did. So did China’s Mao Tse Tung for that matter. The main reason is that Herr Hitler had far better media coverage and he craved it. The media were all on his side, where it counted, and the fake news of propaganda created out of Der Fuehrer, a Teutonic hero Knight of pure Germanic stock who would return Germany to its vaunted Teutonic, Wagnerian glory,…. that sort of thing.

Bill Clinton was never called a Hitler. The media watched him, didn’t speak ill of him but, didn’t expose him as a rapist or serial sexual predator either. There is another slight difference, Hitler, in losing his war, had the decency to shoot himself. Impeached Bill Clinton, having no shame, still walks among us enchanting women with his “ah shucks” smile.

The drooling media never ever suggested that Obama might have displayed some Hitlerian tendencies. Obama worked hard, like a good bureaucrat should, to create a fascist government for America, but he personally lacked the skills necessary to utilize the massive power he had in his hands to make it happen. He had a “phone and a pen,” feared making decisions, and hoped the people energized to do it for him once he set the bureaucratic wheels in motion. No dirt on that fellows hands. He drew a red line. It had to have been of lipstick. It took a real leader, after several years waiting, just to enforce a previous American presidents Red Line threat.

Sean Spicer made a ‘faux pas’ when he said “even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons,” but failed to add, “on the battlefield.” The Left press went nuts again. “How shocking, how awful, Spicer has to go, he must resign or be fired,” etc., etc., & etc. Democrats are shameless. Even the Grand Dame of mediocrity, Nancy Pelosi, opined about how awful Spicer was. Spicer’s error was not thinking it through before he spoke. Pelosi’s error is that she’s never thinks at all but reacts instinctively. How many faux pas’s has she made in her years in politics. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (16April17)

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