Facing the Future


Opinion written by George McClellan:

So, the Republican House has finally passed an excuse for a Repeal and Replace bill of the Unaffordable No care Act, aka: Obamacare. Don’t bet on it. Be suspicious, very suspicious. Trump is a populist and as such, he’s combatting not only the now childish Democrat party of useful idiots, apparatchiks dedicated to a socialist America but, more especially, he’s facing an entrenched “establishment’ party cunningly disguised as conservative Republican’s, equally dedicated to his destruction because he’s promised to root out political corruption in our body politic, i.e.: Drain the Swamp. Remember, the ADA was only a wealth transfer scheme.

It would seem the Democrats role in the “establishment” government has been seriously eroded in the last three election cycles and in their demise, unaccustomed as they are to losing, they want to take Republican’s, what’s left of ’em, with them.  Alas, If only that were the case. The Democrats (Marxists) will never die. They will poke up here and there like weeds in a garden that constantly need hoeing and a populist Americans will be forced to contend with them seemingly forever, until they should recover and take all. There will be no more “next times.”

America’s war with Socialism, starting with the collapse of the Soviet Union, will be a never ending contest of wills, between those who believe governments purpose is to provide all for its denizens, from cradle to grave, and those who don’t. Education is not required in their plan because government will do all the thinking. How’s that been going so far?

Others, schooled in Constitutional republicanism, where citizens are allowed to compete in a free market and rise or fall according to their abilities is anathema to socialists and a danger to their plan. Education is cherished in this environment because a thinking citizen is a free citizen and a free citizen is a producer, not a taker.

The Left uses the term “Nazi” as a club to shut down dissent, debate and free speech. It’s only a word but its connotation is fearful, or once was. Except for the odd neanderthal “skin heads” and outlaw motorcyclists who fancy themselves as bad characters, we don’t have a problem with Nazi’s any more because upon the conclusion of World War Two, the victors swarmed over Germany and conducted a brutal program of denazification.

High Nazi Party officials and military General Staff officers complicit in the crimes of the Third Reich, were imprisoned, tried and either executed or jailed according to court verdicts. In the field, lesser officials were likewise apprehended and tried, without the burdens of a public Nuremberg scenario, and shot or hanged according to the desire of the occupying force that captured them. Many others were disposed of in extra-judicial proceeding and others were hunted down and terminated in foreign countries where they hid but, Germany was denazified.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, without war or occupying forces, the poison of Marxism continued to roil about and spread in the educational systems of western countries until, by slow degrees, the children of the West, as Marx predicted, became the socialists and anarchists we face on our streets today. The fascist phenomena of a spreading Islam is just another piece of the radicalization of the west, a long term Soviet plan that never stopped functioning just because the Soviet Union collapsed. What happened to Gorbachev, the USSR’s last leader? He’s operating a Think Tank in San Francisco. Look at the dysfunction of our government today. Its the lingering result of Marxism still doing its dirty work. We must be constantly aware. Trumps victory did not stop the rot, but it is a good beginning. We must never, ever give up.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. No,w, go get ‘em! (05 May 17)

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