Democrats, Seeking Salvation


I have often stated it was my firm belief that any 2018 mid-term election challenge by Democrats would be a zero sum game for them. They have no message, no candidates worthy of spit and an elderly leadership that simply will not let go the reins of party power.

After their Ga. 6th disaster, in financial losses alone, the Democrats, near bankruptcy, are casting about for any sellable candidates to challenge Republican incumbents. They may have found a good one in Kentucky. A very potent political ad is now running there pushing a new Democrat contender for Ky’s 6th District, currently held by Republican Rep., Andy Barr.

She is Amy McGrath and comes with great credentials. She is a newly retired officer of the US Marine (LTC), a fighter pilot who proudly flew the Marine version of the F-18 fighter jet, in combat even and, carrier qualified. Wow! I’m impressed if only by her military part alone.

As a civilian, in any public campaign event where Amy would present herself and I could ask a couple of questions, my first question, after praising her military career, would be: “Do you believe in and support the Constitution of the United Stated?” Naturally, I envision her response would be “yes, completely!” My second question would then be: “Then why are you running as a Democrat?” It may be she doesn’t really know the awful truth about the Democrat Party and, if she did, then that would stand as a dim mark against her.

There must be a logical answer somewhere for that question. Tradition tells us that one simply cannot be a patriot from the warrior class and a Democrat at the same time. It’s like trying to mix Islam and Democracy, oil and water or axel grease and sand, and hope the new concept works.

Amy would be a great candidate as a Republican, just on her military history alone. In her ad, she did not opine on Trump’s no transgenders in the armed forces tweet. Her response might explain why she prefers the Democrat party to be her vehicle to political nirvana. Perhaps!

Right now, Amy’s challenge is really an exercise in local politics (Ky), so we probably won’t hear much about her unless she actually wins in 2018 and becomes a real Congresswoman. All eyes, for a while at least, would be focused on her for her leadership qualities and as a potential VP or, some day, maybe the first woman President.

The Democrats are in desperate need for candidates. If they do get more young ones, will they be brainwashed products that the disastrous liberal colleges and universities are turning out? For those types, their only political experience lies either in their positions in student body government, in the streets leading riots against authority, or campaigning for Bernie Sanders.

The Democrats are desperately seeking younger candidates, real warriors if possible, like Amy McGrath, to fill the now vacant ranks of potential challengers to help restore the Democrat grand Plan to Make America Crappy Again. The Republicans, on the other hand, feel because Trump is not one of them, they have some justified right to thwart his attempts to restore American sovereignty and the rule of law. What a wonderful opportunity for the Tea Party to clean house.

Except by the vote, these politicians have no intrinsic rights to hold office, except they be Americans. The Republican elites are fast ruining their chance to even keep what they got. It is really time for a change. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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