Democrat Dementia


Opinion written by George McClellan:

The dysfunction of the Marxist Democrat party continues to reveal itself in all its impotent nastiness, because of Donald Trump. He swept away years of Leftist planning, clever schemes and Common Core education of our nations children through political correctness and multiculturalism, that they were unprepared to believe or accept. From Brexit to Trump, the shock waves have reverberated around the world. Tomorrow, France perhaps?

The political reordering for America’s future had been arranged, the Establishment elites and the favored bureauracy’s that support them, were in place. The world bankers were ready to fund their One World Order scheme by financially reducing America to a third world nation status by filling our borders with the dregs of the over populated, undereducated, war weary third world homeless, helpless, and sick, while keeping us in constant turmoil. Then came Trump.

After nearly 100 day’s of Trumps administration, the shattered establishment, which includes many, many Republicans, are now beginning to reorganize themselves in a singular, united but stealthy effort to impeded any further destruction of their beloved corruption by Trump’s promise to Drain the Swamp. Paul Ryan is implicitly one of them.

Once, there was an ugly rumor that nothing could get done without the House in GOP hands. So we gave them the house. Then, nothing could get done without the Senate in GOP hands too. So, we gave them the Senate. Then, we balked. We were not going to give them their choice of our President because they had not kept their promises on anything so, we picked Donald Trump for them and the political establishment went straight into dysfunctional mode.

A trapped wild animal is very dangerous when it s thrashing around, teeth bared and claws out. The Democrats are like that trapped wild animal except, they have no teeth and no claws because we made a startling discovery. The Democrat party was in fact dying. They have no youthful leadership, they have no depth of organization and they have no ideas except failed Marxism. Consequently they must settle with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth, (the Indian Princess) Warren and a still sputtering Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) now threatening to shut down government to stop funding of the wall and blame the Republicans to boot!

But he might not be far off the mark. Some corrupt Republicans will indeed help him shut down the government and blame Trump. They all hate Trump, but he doesn’t care. He made promises to drain the swamp, and he going about it, all the screaming and caterwauling not withstanding. So, destruction by stealth, to delay, expose, reveal, has become the implied order of the day.

Trumps enemies are the same ‘elites’ who believe its important for bipartisanship, to “reach across the aisle” to produce effective laws. They’re the same as the ones hidden in the bureaucracies dragging their feet on Trump’s orders to restore effective and fair government. It’s Republicans as well as the Democrats hindering him and, it’s dangerous if not treasonous.

We know the bipartisan days are over. Marxism cannot be negotiated with. The Democrats lost and the Republicans, if they don’t realize it yet, had better get on Trump’s train PDQ or they are going to get the shaft too.  A series of local elections are on going throughout America for congressional seats and conservatives had better stay involved. We haven’t won yet and if we’re not careful, our recent victories could easily be snatched away and we can’t have that, can we? That simply won’t do!  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22Apr17)


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