Crime and Political Correctness in America


Opinion by George McClellan:

Palm Springs, California, two police officers were murdered yesterday and a third injured by a gang member with a rifle who was also a former State prison convict. People like these, who turn to criminality for the fun of it, are mentally unstable. Once upon a time, they were easily identified, categorized and, for the public’s and their own safety, hospitalized in state institutions for proper care and treatment but more importantly, to keep ‘em off the streets.

It was costly and politicians, just then entering the realm of “political correctness” saw a solution to two problems: a) closing down State mental hospitals thereby saving the expense to the tax payers and, b) releasing these people back onto the streets because their civil rights were violated. Never mind the civil rights of the three officers shot in Palm Springs. One killed, was a young female officer just returned from maternity leave with a four month old baby. The other a man one month away from his retirement. We never know when or how death may come.

These violent social changes to our culture are not random nor are they by accident. They are following the Marxist program of how to destabilize and replace an existing society. The process is a slow, corroding scheme to delegitimize personal individualism, patriotism, nationalism and self-determination with group consensus directed by our intellectual betters so crimes like these won’t happen. The problem is, the government then becomes the criminal. It has the power to demand obedience and will do so because we have allowed them to make the rules.

We want to be safe in our own homes, know that we our property is protected from the predators emerging from the violent thuggish sub-culture growing in the bastions of Liberal Progressivism. We want a stop to being killed in the streets by people who should be institutionalized. We want a stop to being called racists on the myth of “white privilege.” We know it’s the negative consequences of a gang subculture-reinforced by stupid behavior that is the problem, not us. We want it stopped. Most of us would rather see criminals shot dead in the street than citizens bleeding to death in the gutters.

We want to stop paying for a welfare state that benefits the violent sub-culture that preys on us. We want to stop being subjected to institutional anti-white racism, like racial quotas to equalize every aspect of modern life in terms of scholarships, college admissions, employment. We want to stop being blamed for their failures and them, being protected by government just to be “fair.”

Bureaucracy is run amok, its what they do. Bureaucracies grow to prove their necessity and,
to survive, this bureaucratic growth business forces the people to comply against their will, and demands the taxpayers pay for it. Something’s wrong with this picture here.

Why must welfare programs be run from Washington? They should be local programs with some true local charity to relieve the truly destitute. Cities and states know what needed and what they can afford far better than the federal government. Local governments only needs a mandate from its local citizens.

Americans are usually not irascible but an old tradition, doubtless brought to America by the Celts, is the feud. The feud morphed into vigilantism, that worked very well in lawless frontier communities to stabilize the peace and harmony among the citizens and cut the criminal cancer out of the community before it metastasized. We celebrate these events with movies like Tombstone, Lonesome Dove, and Open Range, just to name three. We have got to regain control of our society again before political correctness kills us and “The State” gets it all.

Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ’em! (10th of October 2016).

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