Country Had Near Death Experience


Opinion by Conrad Quagliaroli:

In my opinion, with the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the country has just come back from a near death experience.  And while Donald Trump definitely,
does not owe his election as president to; the liberal mainstream media, most of the go along to get along Republican elite,  the big money interests, the Washington lobbyists,  the usual Republican consultants, and even Donald Trump himself, as he went out of his way to sabotage his own campaign, by repeatedly stepping on his own positive message, and tamping down negative news about Hillary.

He certainly owes this tremendous victory to the proverbial “forgotten man” who has been beaten down, called a racist and lost his job (and doctor)
under President Obama the last 8 years, and like the famous line in the movie Network, was “mad as hell and was not going to take in anymore.”

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