Black Failure


Opinion by George McClellan:

If we are absolutely honest, which political correctness will not permit, we would be openly, freely and fearlessly discussing the negative social pathology that has brought us misery, incompetence, hungry, destitution, crime and worse, an excuse for the destructive top down government control of our economy and our healthcare, all in the name of diversity. Diversity is Progressive talk for: “shut the F___Up!”

By what secret formula has America’s culture, the once shining city on the hill based on hard work, self-determination and fair play, allowed itself to become dysfunctional by a mere 13% of America’s unproductive citizens. Why must we genuflect to a culture that is primitive? America’s blacks are the least productive, most dependent and most criminal race ever to exist and we tolerate it. When did we accept the premise that America is a multi-cultural society instead of a multi-ethnic society, all supporting a single American culture? By what measure has that 13% become so special? Because they’re black and they vote! Frederick Douglas, where are you?

America’s blacks are out of control. Most don’t want to be Americans, they want to be fed. A majority of Americans of African descent resist nearly all attempts at improvement through education, assimilation or hard work. Those that do get through stand as shining examples that anybody can achieve the American Dream. But, why are those that succeed always under attack? Those that succeed, based on their ability to toss a ball however, are feted but seem no longer grateful that the opportunities to become wealthy by their sports talents alone, made them stars. Why have they turned contemptuous of the people who pay them?

Those blacks that do rise above the screaming mobs intellectually, academically, economically and socially, on their own merits, do so against all odds of being dragged back down into the mire of government dependency. It is noted too that the successful are well received into the ranks of American’s productive society, not because of their color but because of what they have achieved. They rightly have earned their place and deservedly so.

However, to maintain the illusion of social equality for the losers, Orwellian rules, enacted by politicians, have been imposed on society to punish anyone who doesn’t support their theory of race advancement on the grounds of ‘fairness’ but not ability. Job killing schemes like affirmative action and minimum wage rules, have dumbed down the work force and decimated the low wage pool of unskilled labor, for whites and blacks, just at the very time when robotics are ready to take over the menial jobs teenagers once filled and unskilled illegals pour across our open borders by invitation. We can’t afford any of that.

Ever since LBJ’s “Great Society” scheme was enacted over fifty years ago, black advancement has come to a standstill. Nothing has changed except we now have black politicians running down major cities into puddles of economic failures; in our Congress, black politicians who believe an Island would tip over in the Pacific if a Brigade of US Marines were stationed there, and the worst insult of all, a half black, twice elected President whose only job skills were as a Saul Alinsky trained community organizer (think Marxist) has created the chaos.

Whites have become defensive against speaking the truth lest they be harassed by their employers, the media, and frightened republicans into going along to get along. We are told over and over again we must never do or say anything that will upset them. They might burn their neighborhoods down and be mad at us. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go say something! We gotta start somewhere. (03 Sept 2016)

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