A Reality Check


The Democrats need a reality check. Can anyone seriously believe, after watching their final
debate fiasco the dysfunctional Leftist media hopes will select the next president of the United
States, that any of the Democrat candidates up on that Dias Thursday night, are even remotely
qualified to replace Donald Trump? I didn’t think so either. Ceded front Runner, the dufus Joe
Biden, cant even string a coherent sentence together let alone make any sense of his policies.
He must take his speech lessons from Pelosi’s teacher.

While Nancy Pelosi, giddy with glee was high fiving everyone whilst dispensing a collection of
cheap pens as impeachment of Donald Trump souvenirs, the President is not cowering in some
corner afraid of the stinging rebuke to his leadership the Left-Wing media wants to deliver him,
Actually he’s steadfast conducting government business as a real business manager should.

What was the big news from the Democrat debate? Squaw woman, Elizabeth Warren who
speaks with forked tongue, accused Socialist millionaire Bernie Sanders, behind the scenes on
an open mike, of calling her a liar in public. Shocking! But, isn’t she? Yes, she’s a damn liar right
up there with Hillary Clinton, a fact that can’t be denied. Bernie could just tell her: “Elizabeth, did
I hurt your feelings by calling you a liar? I’m so sorry, but I thought you knew!” then walk away.

If any of that lot ever manage to become President and could make changes, America, short of
an intervening civil war would, in one decade become a miserable stinking hole of third world
animosities, tribal hatreds, racial conflicts, territorial warlord kingdoms and Islamic Jihadists all
vying to see how much they could steal from a moribund government. The rule of law, nearly
unenforceable now with Progressive politicians embracing Sanctuary cities, would all but
disappear. Violent crime, drug use, suicides will run amok and what was once a happy and
prosperous people, the ones who paid the bills, would be gone if not forgotten for ever.

Not one issue of foreign policy was mentioned on that debate stage. They all ignored Trumps
bipartisan trade agreement, the approval of USMCA, the anti-regime riots in Tehran, the fact
that Russians have joined Assad in slaughtering more Syrian’s in their own country; the Iraqi
government voting to demand the removal of Americans troops; the new role Turkey is trying to
craft as the tough guy in the Middle-east to foster perhaps, a return of the Ottoman empire.

No one addressed the issue of Iran’s desperate economic position or what it would mean if they
finally did achieve a nuclear weapon; or how to deal with the North Koreans who do have them.
Not one word was spoken about US defense needs in preparing to face off with the growing
Chinese menace, or the cancerous Islamic menace infecting the West, or the challenges to our
NATO allies afflicted with the disease of uncontrolled middle-east Muslim migration.

Candidates were not asked about the criminalization of the IRS, the DOS, DOJ or even how to
solve the problem of repairing the reputation of the corrupted FBI. No, the feckless Democratic
presidential hopefuls argue instead for open borders for the worlds poor, ignorant, hungry,
disease ridden sots who won’t help change their own countries, but want to come here to ruin
ours; Medicare and free schooling for all; end all education debt payments, fling open the
university doors to everybody even the unqualified (a sinister scheme of White privilege
designed to exclude people of color), minimum wage for all, free housing and no cops to harass
anybody. That’s the Sanders/Warren ticket for America. It’s Communism plain and simple! We
can do better than that. Trump fights, we can’t afford to lose that man.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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