A Party in Disarray, Islam in Ascendance or What?


A Party in Disarray, Islam in Ascendance or What?
Is the Democrat party, or should I say, the Stalinist party, or perhaps the far-left Radical Socialist party, anything except an American political party, fracturing into its several individual parts like a jig-saw puzzle, never to unite again under one voice? Yes, I believe it is. Hate crime laws and legislation that promotes hate crime laws fall under the category of political correctness and are effectively designed to keep America’s white population under thought control.

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as a dedicated Stalinist, had visions of impeaching President Trump but she lost control over her own caucus, even walking out on them during an essential meeting to impose that one voice, hers. Young new radical socialists, Islamics in disguise, effectively snatched the reins of leadership away from Nancy’s hands leaving her voiceless. “If a tree falls in the forrest and nobody hears it, does it make a noise?” Nancy’s is that unheard voice screaming in the wilderness for party unity, and nobody’s listening.

Why does the media fixate on apologies to solve all slights. They’re not going to get one from Rep. Omar because she is a muslim and muslims hate Jews. This business of the freshman Congresswoman from Minnesota, a proven anti-semite from Somali, who simply can’t keep her mouth shut when it comes to hating Jews and won’t listen to her leader, shows us the fractures that are breaking up the Democrat party. Nancy’s attempt to assuage Omar’s public mutterings, is indicative of the direction the Stalinist Democrat party is headed….to the far left!

Pelosi’s efforts to tamp down the outrage by offering a House resolution decrying “all hate,” and softly rebuke the unnamed offender in their ranks for her anti-Semitism, (it was Ilhan Omar, there I’ve said it), spun out of control because others of the victim class were offended they were not included, like Polynesian polyglot’s, hotten-tots, whirling dervishes, PETA loving tree huggers and climate change nut cases. Did I miss anyone? Oh yes, white males and Christians were omitted and may therefore be discriminated against without violating Socialists hate crime laws. Anyway, Pelosi had to go back and do it again and again finally adding Islam as victims of hate, as in moral equivalency protected by double standards. And there is the rub.

Pelosi’s anti-hate resolution was to take the heat off the party and out of the news but has become an exercise in Political Correctness. In the best traditions of lawlessness, as Comey demonstrated, when saving H. Clinton, Pelosi exculpated Omar claiming, because of her youth, she “doesn’t understand the full weight of her words.” That’s BS and proves that PC is nothing more than a device to kill free speech. Hidden within its sinister meaning is the darker intent to protect Islam against Americans defending themselves, because Islam is Americas enemy.

Pelosi’s Stalinist party is not only anti-Israel, but, anti-Jewish as well. The older Democrat congressmen, some of them Liberal Jews, now being overwhelmed by the flood of noisy new Islamist’s, reel in confusion and will vote, not according to how their constituents want them to, but by fear of the crap the Leftists PC crowd will shower down on them if they don’t comply. This includes the RiNO’s who still remain “#NeverTrumper’s” and have no damned idea how the Constitution, that should guide them, is being destroyed.

Omar and Tlaib, et. al., will condemn hate mongering so long as it doesn’t apply to Islam. They are pushing an anti-white, anti-Jewish and anti-western agenda and as long as they have the floor and nobody stops them, we’ll see the fruits of their evil philosophies ripen and spread its rot into every facet of western culture. Islam is not our friend!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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