A Paradox: Trump or Cruz?


Opinion by George McClellan:

I frequently rail against the GOP “elites” for their betrayed of America. Nothing has occurred yet to cause me to alter my opinion. Too, I no longer blindly donate funds to the RNC. I do donate to the Georgia Republican party but the majority of my funding goes to the candidate(s) of my choice until such time as I determine they too have betrayed the base (and me).

Because the GOP has been brained washed into believing that if they don’t remain “moderate” and cooperate with democrats they will forever abide in perdition, struggling for recognition in a long and futile exercise rarely interrupted by electoral promotion. 2012 and 2014 put the lie to that assessment, yet under the leadership of weaklings like Mitch McConnell (and formerly, John Boehner), the GOP still recoils in fear of offending, being accused of racism, islamiphobia and recklessly shutting down the government. Oh, the humanity!

Obama’s continued presence as President remains as much an abomination on the body politic as it is a puzzle to the GOP’s base. The Tea parties formed up because of the GOP’s inaction in the face of evil with the dashed hopes that loud admonitions from outraged voters would encourage a change in the “elites” habits. No such luck. The base was ignore indeed, chastised as fools, hicks and knaves and otherwise ignored, all the time allowing the creature in the White House free reign to do his promised damage to America.

No one stood up to Obama except Ted Cruz who decided enough was enough and threw his hat in the ring as a Presidential candidate promising the complete reversal of Obama’s destructive schemes. And, he called McConnell a liar, which claim has not been refuted nor disproved. The Elite GOP establishment, realizing the potential danger, recoiled in horror when Cruz held a mirror up for them to see themselves and, prove by his actions, that he listened to the base, heard they entities and was ready to make those necessary changes. Even living in perdition, a comfortable existence can be had so long as one is warm, dry and the dinner bowl is kept full, But, with Cruz they are in dire danger of losing all that. Losing candidates can go back to their imaginations, but the campaigners must continue to campaign, or they die.

Then, enters Donald Trump. He too had had enough and, not beholding to any monied group, Trump, telling it like it is, speaks in tones that the base understands and has become the anti-Obama hero. Now we will have, if not an actual blood letting, a contest for the leadership that will forever change the way election campaigns are conducted. No longer will the elites or the media, including Fox News, presume to select our conservative presidential candidate for us.

Trump does not need Fox News. They need him. Look at the panic in the Fox ranks after Trump said he wouldn’t participate in Thursdays debate. He doesn’t need to. Immediately, I suspect the advertisement fees for the debate will plummet; not good for business. Trump does not need to debate Cruz, mano y mano. Read Trumps book, The Art of the Deal and all becomes clear.

We now have a three way fight! Trump vs Cruz vs the GOP ‘elites.’ The ‘elites’ are without principles. They have no honor; they have no integrity. It’s easy to fight weaklings when they lack the necessary scruples that should keep them the conservative foil to the marxist led Democrat Party, but they can’t. That day is gone. Trump and Cruz have given voice to the GOP base here in “Ignored-land.” I suspect Trump and Cruz can make up but not with McConnell, (et. al) and the rest of the career types that see their sinecures in peril.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (28 Jan 2016)


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