A Hiccup!


Opinion by George McClellan:

House Speaker Paul Ryan can’t yet bring himself to support Donald Trump on the misconstrued grounds that Trump does not meet Republican principles. He said: “the party needs a standard bearer who meets our standards.” Just what are “our standards” and now, who cares? Here’s a clue for Speaker Ryan: the GOP has no standards except to have constantly yielded to the left’s demands for social changes, trashing the constitution, looting the treasury and gratifying their own sense of personal power. That’s why Donald Trump is the party’s presumptive “standard bearer” and not one of the malleable simpletons the party would have preferred.

Besides, who is the party? Is it really Ryan and the careerists, who are actually removable politicians, or we the people? I’ve never really trusted Mr. Ryan but I especially don’t after his ramrodding Obama’s Omnibus Spending Bill through the allegedly conservative house, as John Boehner arranged before he was kicked out of office.

Mr. Ryan want’s a rapport between Trump and the party to bridge the gap “to do what’s best for the American people.” Mr. Ryan said: “most of the burden for unifying the party must come from the nominee (Trump).” I think the conservative American people have already made that decision, the Republican party, and Speaker Ryan, be damned. But, this is a mere hiccup!

We can extrapolate the misery that is the GOP’s by accepting that any and every GOP representative who thought it expedient for their careers to vote for that bill needs to be replaced at this election by a citizen oriented representative who might have enough sense to occasionally vote “No.” Where are the good men and women when we need them?

Unrecognized by Speaker Ryan and the self-anointed party ”elites,” the lobbyists and the professional consulting class, is that they have lost the battle for the conservative base, the one they despise so vehemently but need so desperately. They cannot abide Trumps message which is not theirs. Let’s examine Trump’s message: Against all advice to the contrary, Trump continues his pledge to enforce immigration laws. The Chamber of Commerce won’t like that but the base does! Trump said he will negotiate better trade deals because American is getting “raped” in trade deals when it doesn’t need to be. He said would rebuild our military, reestablish our presence in the world and thus provide for our national security. When we are safe, so is the rest of the world.

Trump’s message is both conservative and hopeful. Trump knows how to get things done and he’s going to fulfill his promise to “make America great again.” What a message! He certainly understood what the voters want, most of whom are infuriated at the leadership who have consistently refused to do what was best for Americans, according to Republican principles.

Trump has created fundamental hopefulness that will become even more clear as time passes. Trump said: ‘I know how to fix this problem and it’s been bad leadership, bad decisions, and you paid the price for it, and we’re gonna fix it.” That’s a fighter speaking.

The American Conservative voters have said they like Trump and voters in other states have affirmed, by the electoral victories he has achieved and the size of the vote he has garnered, that he can win. Against Hillary, he will win easily. Rush Limbaugh believes he will win by a blowout. The outrage against Trump is a mere hiccup. The real battle coming is who will the “elites” want to force on us for their Vice-Presidential choice? A lot of good names are out there almost any one of which would do well in that job. Is it time for a woman or an old Pro?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!. (06May 2016)

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