Kennesaw suspect named in connection with bank robbery, high speed chase

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BLUE RIDGE, Ga -Kennesaw man Brandon Nunnelley gave chase to Gilmer County deputies after allegedly executed a bank robbery in Fannin County.

In the warrant issued by Fannin’s Magistrate Judge Brian Jones, it named Nunnelley as the suspect in a bank robbery that occurred at BB&T on the morning of April 29. Nunnelley allegedly intimidated a teller into handing over approximately $2,200 in cash.

This morning around 10:15 a.m. a BOLO was issued for a black car with tinted windows in connection with an armed bank robbery in Fannin County.

Gilmer County deputies spotted a car matching that description heading south on  Hwy. 515. The vehicle initiated a high-speed chase after law enforcement tried to stop it. Gilmer deputies followed the car into Pickens County where it turned north on Old Hwy. 5 at Ga 136 connector. After reaching a safe location, law enforcement pulled a pit maneuver to stop the suspect’s vehicle. The maneuver was executed along Ellijay Road and Muscadine Trail. The area is shut down at this time until the investigation is complete.

According to the Gilmer booking report, Nunnelley didn’t exhibit signs of drug use. Gilmer charged him with driving with a suspended or revoked license and fleeing or attempting to allude a police officer.

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Courtesy of Gilmer County Sheriff Office

The suspect, Brandon David Nunally, was taken into custody without incident and transported to Piedmont Mountainside to be treated for minor injuries.

Nunnally of Kennesaw will be charged with multiple traffic violations in Gilmer and Fannin Sheriff’s Office is investigating the bank robbery.

Fannin County School System released a statement this morning that all schools were on “high alert” following a “local bank robbery.” All schools are now operating as normal.

FYN’s looking into the situation and will update this article as more information becomes available.

See full statement from Fannin Schools below:

“We received a notification this morning from law enforcement that a local bank had been robbed. We placed all schools on high alert. Shortly after, law enforcement informed us the suspect had been apprehended. All schools are at normal status at this time.”

Statement from Gilmer Sheriff Office:

At approx. 10:15 am this morning, Gilmer deputies were given a BOLO for a black-in-color vehicle with tinted windows that had just been involved in an armed robbery at a bank in Fannin County.
Shortly after receiving the BOLO, Gilmer deputies spotted a vehicle fitting that description headed south on Hwy. 515. Upon attempting to stop the vehicle, the vehicle fled and initiated a high speed chase. Gilmer deputies chased the vehicle into Pickens County. Shortly after, the vehicle turned back North on Old Hwy 5 at the Ga. 136 connector.
Upon reaching a location and speed to safely do so, a deputy utilized a “pit maneuver” to wreck the suspect vehicle.
The male suspect was taken into custody without incident and was transported to Piedmont Mountainside to be checked for possible minor injuries.
The suspect, BRANDON DAVID NUNNELLY of Kennesaw, will be charged with multiple traffic violations in Gilmer County, and the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office will be leading the bank robbery investigation.
Feature image courtesy of Pickens County Sheriff Office.

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