Open Letter to Prince Reibus

Letters to Editor

Dear Mr. Reibus:

I will not be voting in the presidential election this year.

​The electoral college “process” has been so completely corrupted that the electors (citizens) are no longer involved. ​You have stated in public media that the candidate for president will be “chosen” in a contested convention. One of your primary handlers has stated that that candidate will be a “fresh face”. Why do you insult me by asking me to vote for a candidate that will be replaced by a selection from the establishment elitists without input from the electors?

​It is unfortunate that I and many others, as we did in 2012, will not be voting this year. There are probably other local and state level candidates who deserve a chance at political office and perhaps could turn out to be Constitutional conservatives. ​But then again it may be time for the periodic reset involving the Tree of Liberty that the Founders advocated.

And also Mr. Reibus, I would like to know where you and Debbie and the rest of the Republicrat party came up with 7200+ delegates, most of whom are not actually representing the electors? The Constitution only allows: ” . . . a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: . . .”. My math is not good but last I checked that number was 535!

And lastly the Constitution is pretty clear on who isn’t to be appointed a presidential elector and that would be your handlers and other elitists in that club: ” . . but no Senator or Representative, or person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector”. It would include your friend Harry Reid and most of the “super delegates”. How do you allow that?

So Mr. Ream-us here’s the conundrum; the SCOTUS has determined that crimes against the Constitution are deemed to be treason. Have you not committed treason for being the Prince of the charade that you will direct in Cleveland? Do you think that the decedents of those pilgrims who fled tyranny in the eighteenth century will sit still for more tyranny? Do you think that Americans will allow a once thriving country to continue its spiral into the third world or will they advocate for America to be great again?

So you and the rest of the GOPers have lost your way and are headed for the dust bin of history but you can still save the country from a potential disaster by preventing a contested convention.

Zeb Blanchard

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