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Dear Editor:

After this election,  needless to say, Thanksgiving was interesting this year.  However, my biggest surprise came as I talked to an old friend whom I have always considered a moderate Republican.

And while I was not too surprised to learn he had voted for Clinton as I knew he supported Jeb Bush, I was stunned to learn how much the mainstream media had influenced him.   As an example, this “moderate” Republican  made the following statements; “Hillary is a brilliant woman who would have made a great president.”  “Donald Trump is a racist, who caused all of the fights and violence at his rallies.”  “The Democrat Party is not socialistic.”  “Rachel Maddow  on MSNBC is a very smart woman.”  “Mika Brzezinski, on the MSNBC, Morning Joe Show, is “kinda” Democrat.”  “The Morning Joe Show panel,  is not on the left, but rather open minded.” “Castro was good for Cuba.”

After listening to these astonishing statements, it therefore came as no surprise to me to learn, that he watches  (and praises) CNN, MSNBC, NBC and PBS, and reads the NY Times.  It also came as no surprise that he never heard of the undercover video that showed  the director of a Democrat organization, bragging how he and his organization, hired people to pick fights with Trump supporters at Trump rallies and how to stage is so it looked like Trump supporters started the violence.  And  that he was especially proud of hiring a mentally disturbed homeless man to engage in this violence.

After all the obvious bias shown by the mainstream media (which some in the media even admitted to)  I was amazed at the influence the mainstream media had on him.  And in my opinion, brainwashed is not too strong a word to use, to describe his change in attitude.    The moral of the story for Conservatives is; don’t underestimate the power of the Liberal mainstream media.


Editorial written by Conrad Quagliaroli

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