Ask The Doc with Dr. Ray Tidman – pain in ankles, migraines, and excessively dry nostrils


Dr. Whaley and his lovely wife are traveling this week so Dr. Tidman came to discuss our viewer questions this morning. We love when Dr. Tidman comes to visit because not only does he answer our questions he always leaves us laughing with a great joke. Today Dr. Tidman and BKP discussed the opiate addiction problem in the US, healthcare, insurance companies and the scares of government mandated healthcare. He then answered the following viewer questions this week:
I have sharp pains in my ankles at times when I am walking – is this just a sign of getting older?
Can weather changes trigger migraines?
I’ve put petroleum jelly on the inside of my nose for years to relieve dryness. Is this safe?
We would like to thank Georgia Cancer Specialist for Sponsoring this Segment.


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