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David Shouse, a local developer, turns in a book of signatures to Julianne Roberts at the Office of Elections in order to run for Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in November’s election.

For the first time in recent history, an independent candidate reached the required signatures needed to get on November’s ballot.

Local developer David Shouse turned in 103 pages, with the average page having 10 signatures names, to the Pickens County Board of Elections and Registration office at 11 a.m. today. Shouse said he left several more pages at his office and that his total is about 1,200 signatures.

Shouse, who said he is “absolutely” a Trump supporter, decided to run as an Independent rather than as a

Republican or Democratic candidate.

Shouse said  he felt like there was some conflict running Republican. Republican Kris Stancil defeated incumbent Rob Jones during the primary election and will be on November’s ballot along with Shouse’s.


shouse independent

Supporters turn out for David Shouse, who qualified for November’s election as an Independent.

“If you recall in Washington’s farewell address, he talks about the two-party system will eventually be so enamored in tic-for-tac that they forget the people they serve,” said Shouse. “My job is not to serve Republican or Democrat, it’s to serve the people of this county.”

“Thirty-eight percent of Americans identify themselves as independent and of those 68-percent lean Republican,” said Shouse.

The signatures have to be verified against voter registration roll to verify them, said Julianne Roberts, Supervisor of the Board of Elections and Registration. Poll workers will be tasked with that responsibility and she said Shouse would be notified via email next Friday.

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