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Response :  County residents attend Women’s March

I am terribly saddened by the view of America expressed by these women who were quoted in this article.  It is not the same American in which I, and all the women in my family, live.

Or, their perception is terribly skewed. Perhaps by personal events, but I think it may be the fodder being fed by those instilling notions of sexism, racism, societalism, or any feeling which can marginalize you, our Republic, and government leaders they do not agree with.

The first misconception made was “The site of the inauguration. Trash was everywhere and a post-apocalyptic feel of the city depressed us.”  This is a statement  from the Nation Park Service on  Sunday after both events. ” This time around, officials say, visitors were tidier than prior years. Linroth says so far, the cleanup is going well. Fortunately a lot of people, even though the trash cans were full, have stacked the trash neatly as close to the trash cans as they could get them, so that is making our job easier.”
Could you be referring to the debris left by rioters, looters and anarchists  there to disrupt the right of Democracy-at-work and a peaceful transition of powers ?

You say you marched for:

1. Civil rights and social justice for all:  Our laws already protect your civil rights and justice for all.
Exert these rights anytime you choose.  Take personal responsibility and teach your  young women (and men) to do the same.

2.  Women’s rights, all of them:  Exactly what right do you not have ? Or are you speaking of free “stuff” you want me to pay for ?

3. The right to choose:  I assume you mean abortion . You are responsible to make and obtain your own choices. I don’t ask you to pay for my choices and I do not want to pay for yours.  You want an abortion ?  There are many clinics in Georgia where you can get one.  You do not have the right to make me pay for your abortion !

4. The right to be yourself, equal and unmolested.  Again, your responsibility. Dress anyway you want, blue hair, nose rings, be a trash collector or a doctor. Who stops you?  Equal ?  Our Constitution and our  laws guarantee that. Unmolested. Your responsibility to stay safe or call a Policeman.

5. You want your daughters to have opportunities because they are capable and not beautiful ?  Not a right. A personal responsibility. Teach them respect, integrity, good work ethics, kindness, cleanliness and they will succeed .

6. The marginalized, for you are one;  Again, so sad, that you feel insignificant. And again, not the government’s responsibility but yours. Stop feeding on the fodder.

7. The right to work outside the home and to receive birth control.  Are you kidding ?  Women were enlisted to work outside the home in WW11 when men were serving at war.  My great grandmother was a nurse years before that. You have never known a time when women didn’t have this right.  Buy your own birth control from any doctor or drugstore.  Personal responsibility.
8. Full equality in employment:  EEO, heard of it ?  Equal employment opportunity. Your responsibility.

9. Misogyny (hatred of women):  More fodder from the left.  Women are in the government,  military, business, entertainment and sports.  Please do not ruin your daughter’s life by filling her head with this nonsense !

10. Racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism:  Personal problems of prejudice. Government cannot make someone not harbor these feelings.   You may try to change that on a one-on-one basis if you wish.  Behavior sometimes can change a prejudice.  Sounds like all of you may harbor prejudices.  And know that “racists” is too often used  by anyone of any race to  chide a person who doesn’t agree with them.  More fodder.

11. Xenophobia ( unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners) ;  The number one job of our Government is to keep its citizens safe.  President Trump, and millions of citizens, feel that unauthorized foreigners threaten our safety.  Note, he speaks of UNAUTHORIZED foreigners.  More of the fodder !

12. ATROCITIES BEING REVISITED BY THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION:  The most egregious statement made :  What in the world are you referring to ?  Please give us one example.  I do not believe you can name a single atrocity (assuming you know the meaning of the word)

You ladies will better serve yourselves and your daughters by teaching them personal responsibility,  to think for themselves, to look for the best in people and the world, to educate yourself on the history of America and our Constitution, to study the ruination by socialist governments, and lastly, to understand that the government is not your nanny and banker.   As Pres. Kennedy said,  “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country.”

My daughter, 3 daughters-in-law, and 4 young adult granddaughters have never  experienced or seen the America these ladies describe.  We have  chosen our own paths, and rejoiced in our successes. We  never felt repressed by any law or man.  We rejoice in our God given rights and love America.  I wish this joy for all you ladies.

Joyce Barrett

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