Gilmer High Speed Chase Ends in Fatal Crash in Dawson

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This evening at approximately 7:15pm, August 7th, Georgia State Patrol identified a car that was placed on a be on the lookout by Gilmer County for possible DUI.  The car had Louisiana plates and when Georgia State Patrol ran the plates it was found to be a stolen vehicle.  The GSP Officer attempted to pull the vehicle over, at which point the driver fled, leading to a high speed chase out Hwy 52 East.

The chase continued through Gilmer County and on into Dawson county.  The driver of the stolen vehicle lost control at mile marker one in Dawson County resulting in a wreck.  The driver, an unidentified male, was killed in the crash.  GSP has confirmed the driver of the car was dead at the scene and there were no other passengers.

Currently Hwy 52 East is closed for an undetermined amount of time while the accident is investigated.  FYN will update when any new information becomes available.

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